Placing an employee group order


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What’s new with group order? Restaurants now have a cap on how many employees can participate in a group order, so you’ll see what restaurants are available for you to order from once you click the link on your email or account. Unavailable restaurants mean your coworkers have already met the cap for that restaurant.

unavailable orders

What’s new with group order? When placing your order, you are able to leave notes for customizations and allergy alerts.

What is a group order? Group Order enables a group of employees to place individual orders from pre-selected restaurants with deliveries at a time of your office’s choosing. Multiple orders from the same restaurant will arrive together, Each order will arrive individually packaged and labeled for easy distribution.

Please review our steps below to learn how to participate in a group order.

Access your group orders via email or the website. View your group order options complete with the order date, delivery address, order cutoff time, and restaurant options. Click order and select the restaurant option you want.

access your group order via the homepage 

access your group order via email

Click on the restaurant option you want. Choose the item(s) you want from the selected restaurant’s menu.

Place your individual order then choose to pay using your employee budget (when available) or your own funds.

Submit your order, receive an Order ID, and your meal arrives individually bagged and labeled along with the rest of your team’s.