How to Place an Individual Order

Once you have applied your line of credit (see How to Apply Your Budget below), you can view all available restaurants.  Use the search bar to search for specific cuisines and meal items or use the food icons to filter by cuisine type.

You can also filter by different features, ratings, and delivery times. Be sure to select the date and time you would like your food delivered.

Once you have decided on a restaurant, add desired items to your bag and proceed to checkout.


Review your order details and double check that your line of credit has been applied. Once you are ready, click “Place your delivery order.”

How to Apply Your Budget

The day your credit first becomes available, if your administrator chooses to send it, you’ll receive an email sharing all of the details of your meal credit, including the amount and the ordering windows.

There are 2 ways to apply your budget:

  1. When you are logged in and on the homepage, below the restaurant search area, click “View Restaurants.” Once you click “View Restaurants” you will be directed to the Restaurant Selection and Filtering page.                                                                                
  2. You can also apply it when reviewing your order under the “Payment information” section.                                                                                                                                                                                          Please note: Budget only appears if the desired delivery time falls within the time frame of the credit.                                                                                                                 

How to Place Future Orders

To place an order for delivery in the future, click “ASAP” to the left of the address field to change the delivery time.

A pop up appears to customize delivery time (up to 7 days in advance).

 User Guide: A downloadable PDF explaining how to apply your budget to an order and how to place a future order