How to place a Catering order:

Click Catering in the top right hand corner of the Grubhub homepage through to the restaurant search page. A prompt will ask you to enter your desired delivery date and time. You can preorder catering up to 14 days in advance. Once you enter your delivery date and time, you will see all available caterers in your area.

Depending on your location, you will also see the option to filter for catering restaurants that offer offer individually packaged catering. This combines the ease of ordering in bulk with the safety of individual meals.

Once you have decided on a restaurant, select items from the menu, add them to your cart, and proceed to the checkout page.

At checkout, you can review and edit your delivery details.

We also recommend including your company name to make your delivery more efficient if your building has multiple offices and providing any specific delivery instructions, such as “deliver to front desk” or “use freight elevator”.

Make sure to add the number of attendees and catering details.

Just as you would when placing an individual order, apply your line of credit (if applicable), add any necessary expense code information, adjust your tip to desired amount, and click “Place your delivery order.” When the caterer confirms your order, you will receive a confirmation email.

Best Practices:

  • Set your delivery time to a minimum of 30 minutes before the start time of your event
  • To ensure the best experience, restaurants require advanced notice, up to 24 hours
  • When selecting menu items, make sure you pay attention to if the item is being
  • Priced per platter or per person and adjust the quantity amount as necessary.
  • Most restaurants will indicate how many people each item serves to assist with quantity selection.
    • Additionally, they may have a minimum order and/or advanced notice requirement
  • Save your favorite caterers to make re-ordering for future events a breeze


  • Do I need to tip if there is a delivery fee?
    • The delivery fee covers the packaging and processing of the food delivery. You should still tip the delivery person according to your company’s tipping standard and policies.
  • Who should I call if there is a problem with my order?
    • Contact the caterer directly and reply to your confirmation email with all necessary changes or issues.
  • Who do I call if delivery is not arriving on time?
    • We recommend you reach out directly to the caterer as they monitor their delivery people’s progress. They will have the best sense of timing. If you have difficulty contacting the caterer, Corporate Care can help.
  • How can I cancel or change my order?
    • You should call the caterer directly to request the cancellation or change and reply to the confirmation email to confirm your request.
  • What if I need to make changes to my catering order?
    • You can make changes to your order up to 24 hours in advance of the delivery date.
  • Can I order catering using the Grubhub app?
    • Currently, catering cannot be ordered using the Grubhub app.