Flexibility like never before

Introducing Grubhub Pay Card - The new way to extend your meal perks program to everywhere food is sold.

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Your employees enjoy:

Flexibility and reach

Employees can buy food from anywhere in the country, from their favorite restaurant to a local grocery store

Equal benefits for all

Feed your team anywhere in the United States, regardless of if they are a remote, hybrid or in-person employee

Your company gets:

Employer control

A food spend solution that, unlike a credit card or gift card, only requires payment for funds that are used and gives employers the control to set budget limits and purchase categories

Easy management

With consolidated invoicing, simply manage all food spend from one central account

How it Works


Our dedicated Corporate Accounts team works with you to build a tailored meal perk program


Set your own rules, including ordering dates, budget and purchase restrictions


Start offering employees perks on an open restaurant network via our physical pay card and Grubhub meal credits

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