From fun outdoor activities like hiking to relaxing vacations, the summer season always boosts employee morale. As we say goodbye to summer and enter fall, here are three ideas to keep employee morale high. 

#1: Team bike ride 

Get your team together for a group bike ride outdoors. Biking is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle and offer staff the opportunity to bond. If you have employees working remotely, encourage everyone to take an hour to go ride their bikes and share photos with the group. This is a great way for employees to connect over their favorite areas to bike. Consider providing individual meal credits so everyone can order a healthy lunch afterwards. 

#2: Field day

A field day always makes for a fun, team-building activity. If you’re in-person, consider games like cornhole, horseshoe, or tennis. If you’ll be hosting your field day virtually, you can offer digital games like checkers or trivia. Your goal should be to make this a fun, bonding experience for your team. 

#3: Awards ceremony 

After a summer of hard work, an awards ceremony can be a great opportunity to recognize your team. You could choose categories related to work, like best collaboration and most impactful project, or, you could focus on fun topics like coolest summer vacation and most miles biked. Some companies might choose to do a combination of both. 

Like all good events, you should plan to provide food for your team to enjoy and prizes for the winners! 

Final thoughts

By celebrating the end of summer, you’ll be sure to sustain that high employee morale well into the fall. Your goal should be to engage your team and ensure you’re showing employee appreciation. A good meal goes a long way at boosting employee morale. A Grubhub Corporate Account is a cost-effective, streamlined corporate ordering solution that can help provide meals for your end of summer celebration and more.

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