Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. As a holiday intended to celebrate hard-working teams, it’s a great time to show employee appreciation. While Labor Day weekend is celebrated across the United States with fun events like picnics, parades, and barbeques, it’s just as important for you to celebrate with your team at work. 

Let’s look at four ideas to show employee appreciation this Labor Day:  

#1: Gift bag  

Consider creating a Labor Day-themed surprise gift bag for your staff. Show your employee appreciation by personalizing each gift bag with a handwritten note to each team member. 

The gift bag should be special to show your employees you value them. Some ideas to include in the gift bag are: 

  • Gym membership
  • Streaming service subscription
  • Coffee cup or reusable water bottle
  • Gift certificates to use at a local businesses 

Get creative and come up with items to put in your gift bag that your employees will truly enjoy.

#2: Meal perks 

Let your employees know dinner (or breakfast or lunch) is on you! Provide your team with individual meal perks so they can enjoy a nice holiday meal at home over the long three-day weekend. Your employees will be able to relax  knowing they don’t have to worry about what to eat. Best of all, they can support their favorite local restaurant

#3: Trivia giveaways

Make the week leading up to Labor Day extra fun with trivia giveaways. Offer a variety of chances to win prizes by posting different trivia questions in your team chat. You can dedicate a set time every day for the trivia, or you could randomly ask questions throughout the week. You might consider offering the prize to the first employee to answer correctly, or you could randomly choose winners from those who all submit correct responses. No matter how you set it up, trivia giveaways are always a fun team-building activity that is sure to show employee appreciation.  

#4: Game night

Everyone loves game night, and it’s a great tool for employee appreciation! You can celebrate the holidays with a game night either in-person or virtually. Simply choose the games you’re going to play, set a date and time, and invite your team. Offering food is one way to encourage attendance and ensure your employees feel appreciated. 

Using a Grubhub Corporate Account to show employee appreciation 

Labor Day is a great reason to celebrate your team and show employee appreciation.  A Grubhub Corporate Account can help you provide meal perks for every holiday celebration, including Labor Day.

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