The perfect pizza order for a party depends on one thing: variety. A selection of pizza types ensures every guest can find something that sounds delicious.

Plus, now that more restaurants are offering gluten-free crusts and dairy-free options, pizza is accessible for almost everyone—but if you don’t know your guests’ preferences, stick to these popular pizza types that satisfy a range of tastes.

Best pizza types to order for a party

1. Cheese pizza. Simple and classic, cheese pizza appeals to a wide range of diners. It’s a staple for people who have highly specific tastes or allergies to common toppings.

2. Pepperoni pizza. According to a survey, pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in the United States—82% of people surveyed say they love it or like it.

3. Vegetable pizza. A pizza loaded with veggies of all kinds appeals to a wide variety of people. If your event is taking place in an office or enclosed space, consider leaving off the onions.

4. Supreme pizza. Whether you call it “the works” or “supreme,” this pizza offers a little bit of everything. Packed with salty meats and fresh vegetables, it’s sure to fill up your guests.

5. Meat lovers. If there are a few serious carnivores on your guest list, a meat lovers’ pizza is a great option; common options include pepperoni, ham, sausage, bacon, and ground beef.

Important things to consider when ordering pizza for a group

As you’re planning a pizza order, keep these important tips in mind to keep your party or group happy:

1. Accommodate dietary limitations. Wheat allergies and lactose intolerance are common conditions—approximately 25% of American adults are gluten-free, and 16% of Americans don’t eat dairy or dairy alternatives according to surveys.

If you aren’t confident about your guests’ dietary needs, cover your bases by ordering a few pizzas that are gluten-free and cheese-free. Or, you can’t go wrong with ordering a few side salads.

2. Consider different pizza styles. Surprise your guests with a few different styles of pizza. Try wood-fired pizza, which features a bubbly crust with small charred spots, or Detroit-style pie, which is a rectangular pan pizza with crispy, cheesy edges.

3. Ask for smaller pieces. When people are gathering in a professional context, they’re extra-conscious about eating neatly.

To help them keep their hands and clothes clean, ask the restaurant to cut the pizza into smaller pieces. You’ll prevent a mess and enable guests to try a wider variety of pizza types.

4. Order the correct number of pizzas. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to have enough so each person can eat three pieces.

Some people will eat more, while others will eat less. For larger groups, it doesn’t hurt to have a few extra pizzas on hand; it’s better to be over-prepared than run out of food early.

Whether you’re ordering pizza for a small group or planning food for a party or event, pizza is sure to be a hit.

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