Administrative professionals are essential to any company. They provide critical support services that keep the business running smoothly — often without fanfare or public recognition.

On April 24th, show your appreciation for your administrative team’s tireless efforts by celebrating Administrative Professionals Day at work.

About Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals Day is a national celebration that recognizes individuals in administrative roles such as receptionists, clerks, assistants, administrators, coordinators, and office managers.

Part of Administrative Professionals Week, held in late April each year, Admin Professionals Days is an opportunity for companies to express gratitude for their teams’ contributions. In 2024, the holiday falls on April 24.

The history of Administrative Professionals Day goes all the way back to 1952. That year, the National Secretaries Association (now the International Association of Administrative Professionals), celebrated the first National Secretaries Day and Week.

Though the names have changed over the years—they became National Administrative Professionals Week and Day in 2000 — the celebrations have been an annual tradition ever since.

5 Ideas for celebrating Administrative Professionals Day

Want to shower your admins with praise? Use these ideas to make them feel extra special on Administrative Professionals Day.

  1. Host a company-wide celebration
    Give your entire staff an opportunity to thank the administrative team in person by hosting an Administrative Professionals Day party. End the work day a few hours early and invite everyone to gather in a conference room or the break room. Employees can mingle and snack on catered appetizers; you might even bring in a bartender to mix cocktails.

    To prioritize your administrative professionals, invite company leaders and managers to speak during the event. They can thank specific administrators, share anecdotes, or highlight the value of the administrative staff. These meaningful personal tributes will stick with them long after the party ends.

  2. Improve the administrative work environment
    Make your administrators’ lives easier by upgrading their workstations for Administrative Professionals Day. You could buy new desk chairs, for example, or give each person a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

    Alternatively, consider investing in walking pads, standing desks, or under-desk exercise bikes. Administrative staff often spend long hours at their desks, and these devices can help them ward off discomfort and muscle stiffness.

  3. Create a celebratory display
    Showcase your administrative team by putting up a bulletin board that highlights their accomplishments. If your team is primarily remote, consider creating this digitally for the entire company to see. Include a photo of each person and a few pieces of information they’re comfortable sharing, including:

    – Number of years with the company
    – Current job duties
    – Favorite accomplishment
    – Note from the supervisor
    – Favorite hobby
    – Fun factThese fun, lighthearted displays are a great way to help other employees understand and appreciate the value admins bring to the business. They can also create conversation starters and foster personal connections between team members.

  4. Organize supervisor appreciation efforts
    Before Administrative Professionals Day, sit down with managers to plan a personal thank-you for the administrative workers they supervise. Appropriate ideas will vary based on the relationship and the size of the team but might include:

    – Handwritten card
    – Gift card
    – Cash bonus
    Lunch with the manager
    – Personal development opportunitiesEncourage managers to be specific when expressing thanks — it lets administrators know their supervisors notice and appreciate their work. While it’s nice to be recognized by the company as a whole, personal messages often mean the most.

  5. Treat your administrative team to lunch
    Brighten Administrative Professionals Day by ordering a special lunch for your admins. A free meal is always appreciated, especially when it’s accompanied by a heartfelt “thank you” from the leadership team.

    For a larger administrative team, set up a traditional catered meal — staff members can pop in as their schedule allows or gather all at once. If you have a smaller group, let each person choose their own meal to add to a group order; this is also a good option if your employees have specific dietary restrictions.

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