Across the nation, many teams are working remotely, at least partially. Some have begun their return to the office, and many others have plans to do so at some point this year. According to research, 82 percent of company leaders are planning to let employees work remotely at least some of the time. And in a recent survey of Grubhub corporate clients, the majority of companies stated they have plans for a partial or phased reopening of their office in 2021. With this shift in working to a hybrid team model comes a need to adapt strategies, including employee meal programs. 

It’s critical to provide benefit parity and ensure all employees feel valued, no matter where they are working. In fact, your company culture and employee morale depend on it. Leaders now need to build flexible employee meal programs that make it safe and easy to feed both remote and in-office employees. In this post, we look at the corporate ordering types Grubhub offers for hybrid teams, ways to promote benefits parity, and a quick overview of how we are putting safety first. 

Feeding remote employees with Grubhub Corporate 

With a Grubhub Corporate Account you can easily allocate meal perks to individual employees working remotely. You set a budget and ordering rules, say $50 for a weekly recurring meal perk, and your team members can independently place their orders to be delivered to wherever they are working. Individual meals are a simple way to feed remote workers as they eliminate the need for personal credit cards, expense reports, or an admin needing to collect addresses.

Feeding in-office employees with Grubhub Corporate

Individual meals limit gatherings and promote social distancing — making them a great ordering choice for employees in the office too. Additionally, a Grubhub Corporate Account offers two other ordering options for those in the office.

Group Orders

Group orders are an easy way for your team to safely order whatever they’re craving from a variety of restaurants. Employees can order together via a shared link based on the rules and restrictions you set. You select the restaurants, choose an ordering window, and you can even set automatic orders to be delivered daily. With Group Orders, your team saves on delivery fees since you only pay one fee per restaurant instead of fees for each individual order. Orders arrive together, limiting the amount of people entering your office, and are individually bagged and labeled, making it quick and easy for your team to grab and go. 

Individually Boxed Catering

With our individually boxed catering option, you order catering to the office like you normally would, but instead of platters, the food arrives individually-boxed. You have the option to preorder days in advance or order day-of. Boxed catering meals are another great way to promote social distancing and limit the amount of people entering your office. 

Benefits parity for remote and in-office employees

Regardless of the ordering type you choose, it is important to ensure your employee meal program provides equal benefits for everyone. One study found that employees who feel as if they belong are 3.5X more likely to be productive, motivated, and engaged. The survey goes on to note that employee perks are one way to achieve this sense of belonging, which is why It’s important to treat all employees equally and offer the same benefits no matter where they’re working.

One way to achieve benefits parity is to offer individual meal perks to all employees, regardless of where they are working. Another option for companies that have all employees coming to the office at least part-time, is to offer them meals for the days they are in the office. A final choice you might consider to ensure benefit parity is to offer individual meal perks to fully remote employees and in-office meals for those coming to the office. 

Safety first 

When it comes to putting safety-first in your meal program for a hybrid team it’s important to choose options that promote social distancing for those at home and in the office. By partnering with a corporate ordering platform like Grubhub, you and your team can take advantage of curbside pickup or contact-free delivery.

Get started 

Companies across the nation are leveraging Grubhub as a flexible, cost-effective, and simple corporate ordering solution. Here’s what Giana, the Workplace and Employee Experience Manager at GoFund Me, thinks about her Corporate Account: 

“Having a Corporate Account has made it much easier to make sure that all employees are taken care of. They have the option to purchase personal meals or group orders and I always have someone to go to if I have questions or concerns.”

Grubhub Corporate was designed to safely support employees at home and at the office, allowing your team to order meals from top local restaurants, while streamlining the billing and expense process for you.

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