For NewYork-Presbyterian (NYP), one of the nation’s most comprehensive academic health care delivery systems, employee morale programs have always been central to their company culture. When COVID hit New York City the NYP employees were on the front lines working long hours, so staff appreciation became even more important. In a recent webinar with the Human Capital Institute, we sat down with Kimberly Solop, the Director of Recognition and Events at NYP, to discuss how she used meal perks as one way to show employee appreciation. Here’s what she shared. 

NewYork-Presbyterian: A culture of recognition 

NYP is committed to recognizing their employees and keeping them highly engaged because they know that happy staff are more productive and deliver the highest level of care to patients. Throughout the years, they have always hosted various events and programs to recognize staff and ensure they feel appreciated. One example of this is their annual gift campaign where each employee is sent an appreciation gift. They mail the gift to each employee’s home to express gratitude for their hard work over the past calendar year. Another way they try to recognize their staff is through their annual employee appreciation week, but with COVID, NYP had to pivot this annual event to accommodate their remote staff.

Employee appreciation week

Historically, NYP’s employee appreciation week included a summer picnic, various team-building activities, and events with entertainment and catered food. With most of their team at home this year, and feeling the effects of the pandemic, they wanted to spread some positivity and ensure staff felt a sense of normalcy. They decided to keep their Employee Appreciation Week on the calendar, but had to improvise. 

NYP couldn’t come together as a team, but they could still keep their employees fed, so they partnered with Grubhub to feed their remote employees and those working at off-site clinics. They partnered with their Grubhub client success manager to strategize the logistics and ensure employees were included regardless of their working location. They decided to offer a daily credit that expired at the end of each day and reset in the morning using Grubhub’s individual meals order type. This allowed employees to independently place their orders to be delivered to wherever they are working. Individual meals are the perfect way to feed remote employees as they eliminate the need for personal credit cards, expense reports, or an admin needing to collect addresses, and you’re only charged for the meals that were actually ordered. Once all of these details were finalized, NYP loaded the individual meal credits to their employee’s Grubhub accounts and shared the good news via a celebratory email. 

“For the first time, we were able to accommodate all of our employees, onsite at our main hospital sites, off site clinics, and remote employees. By keeping our remote employees engaged with this event, we were able to support local restaurants who were really hurting from the pandemic. Our employees were thrilled with their daily credit, they really appreciated the opportunity to be included even though they were remote or offsite and loved the ability to choose their own meals from their favorite restaurants.” 

-Kimberly Solop, the Director of Recognition and Events, NewYork-Presbyterian. 

Boosting employee morale with a Grubhub Corporate Account 

A Grubhub Corporate Account can help you deliver food and happiness to your team, no matter where they’re working. A good meal goes a long way in boosting employee morale for appreciation events, team meetings, and more. And with over 300,000 restaurants available in all 50 states, we’re sure to have your employees’ favorite local restaurants. 

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