National Nurses Week is an opportunity to recognize some of the hardest-working professionals and celebrate their contributions.

About National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week happens every year from May 6 to May 12 and has been part of the American tradition since 1954, but didn’t become official until 1974.

Today, it’s a time to reflect on the importance of nurses, both at the company level and in society as a whole.

The American Nurses Association sets a theme for National Nurses Week each year as a suggestion that can guide your activities and provide consistency across the industry. In 2024, the theme is “Nurses Light Up the Sky.”

5 ways to honor National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week celebrations aren’t limited to healthcare facilities—they’re appropriate in any business that’s impacted by nurses, including schools and university settings. No matter how you choose to observe the week, the goal is to show your gratitude for nurses’ critical work.

1. Say “Thank you”

Everyone wants to know that their work is seen and valued. During National Nurses Week, spend time thanking your nurses individually.

It doesn’t have to be formal or fancy; simply express your genuine appreciation for the hard work and care they pour into their patients on a daily basis.

When possible, include details that are specific to each individual. You might pass on a positive review from a patient’s family, for example, or mention something positive you’ve observed in their work.

2. Give a bonus or gift

You can’t go wrong with a bonus or gift—everyone can use it, and it’s always a welcome surprise. A special gift or bonus ensures that your Nurses feel appreciated during this holiday.

One solution is to provide a meal credit for them to order on Grubhub with. Nurses can pick exactly what they want from our 300,000+ restaurant network, delivered directly to them that best fits their busy schedule.

3. Create self-care packages

There’s no question about it: Nursing is a challenging job. For National Nurses Week, encourage your nursing staff to take care of themselves too by putting together relaxation packages, with items such as:

  1. An at-home spa kit
  2. Some tea and a nurse mug
  3. A scented candle
  4. A snack box

If the budget allows, you can also tuck in a gift certificate for a massage or a treatment at a local spa. Alternatively, include something fun, such as tickets to a movie, sporting event, or concert in your area.

4. Launch workplace initiatives

Have you been working on initiatives designed to create a better working environment for your nurses?

National Nurses Week is the perfect time to roll them out. Hold a meeting to explain exactly what changes you’re implementing—increased staffing to reduce mandatory overtime, for example, or wider nurses aide coverage during busy shifts.

By taking real steps to make meaningful change, you demonstrate a dedication to your nursing staff that goes far beyond the end of the week.

5. Treat your nurses to a meal

Free food makes even the most challenging nursing shift feel a little bit easier. Because most nurses don’t take breaks at the same time, especially in a busy hospital setting, it’s important to find a meal option that works for everyone.

Order catering to keep everyone well-fueled and happy, or set up a group order for multiple people to choose exactly what they’re craving, delivered at the same time all from the same restaurant.

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