In the intricate world of pharmaceutical development, where meticulous attention is paid to every detail of a clinical trial, one aspect often overlooked is the provision of food to trial participants. It may seem trivial amidst the vast array of considerations, but ensuring patients have access to nutritious meals may have an impact on the outcome of a trial. In this blog post, we explore an easy, customizable solution for pharmaceutical companies and third parties to keep patients well-fed during treatment.

The importance of nutritious food in clinical trials

Clinical trials require participants to adhere to strict protocols, which often include dietary restrictions. Failure to comply with these restrictions can skew trial results, potentially leading to inaccurate data. Moreover, poor nutrition among participants can affect their health and well-being, impacting their ability to complete the trial or leading to dropout rates that undermine the trial’s integrity.

Nutritious food plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and vitality of trial participants, many of whom may already be battling health issues. Proper nutrition supports immune function and ensures cognitive function, all of which are essential for individuals undergoing medical treatments or participating in clinical research. By providing access to delicious, balanced meals, pharmaceutical companies and third-party partners can enhance patient compliance, reduce dropout rates, and ultimately may improve the quality and reliability of their clinical trial data.

Providing nutritious food to trial participants is not just a matter of meeting regulatory requirements; it is a demonstration of corporate social responsibility and a commitment to ethical research practices. By investing in the provision of food for clinical trial patients, pharmaceutical companies signal their dedication to upholding the highest standards of patient care.

Grubhub Corporate: An easy, customizable way to provide food for clinical trials

Here at Grubhub Corporate Accounts, the industry’s most flexible food ordering platform, we partner with pharmaceutical companies and third-party partners to keep patients well-fed during treatment. Partnering with a food ordering platform can help streamline the process of providing food for clinical trials.

With a Grubhub Corporate Account, you can create custom budgets and rules, including customizing item restrictions and budget usage and setting ordering windows such as repeating daily meal credits where you set the end date.

Additionally, you unlock detailed, hassle-free expense reporting. Pharmaceutical companies and third parties get access to consolidated invoices and comprehensive spend reports with the customizable compliance information required, including patient number and treatment type. Our flexible setup ensures you capture the unique information you need.

From guided account implementation to training with our dedicated onboarding team, a Grubhub Corporate Account provides white-glove service, with continued elevated corporate support for an easy patient ordering experience.

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