If you’re looking for ways to boost job satisfaction, snacks could be your secret weapon. Keeping a stash of treats on hand is a small, budget-friendly way to show your appreciation and lift employees’ spirits. Whether you’re stocking the fridge or sticking with nonperishables, there’s an art to ordering snacks at work.

Poll your employees

The best office snacks are tailored to your employees’ unique tastes. A quick survey can help you find out what foods they prefer. For a smaller group, ask open-ended questions such as “What’s your favorite snack?” or “What are your favorite sweet treats?”

If you have a large company, allow workers to select one or more answers from a list of options. The results will give you a general sense of employee preferences so you can adjust your ordering strategy accordingly.

Topics to cover:

  • Salty vs. sweet
  • Fruits vs. vegetables
  • Cookies vs. candy
  • Chips vs. pretzels

Do your employees follow special diets? If you’re not sure, include a question about food restrictions in the survey. When you understand dietary limitations, it’s easier to provide safe snacks for everyone.

Aim for a balanced selection

Employees don’t always want the same snacks. Some days, they need a jolt of sugar to overcome the afternoon slump; other times, they might want a nutritious treat. Order a broad selection to help everyone find something to hit the spot.

Salty and sweet snacks are good, but you can also slip in a few healthy options. Foods including yogurt, fruit, vegetables, nuts, string cheese, whole-grain crackers, trail mix, and peanut butter help employees create nutritionally balanced snacks that help stabilize blood sugar.

Monitor snack levels and automate orders

Once you’ve stocked your office kitchen or break room with snacks, keep an eye on the supply. You might notice that the chocolate cookies disappear immediately while the snack cakes sit untouched. Take notes and adjust your next order accordingly.

Want to save time? Ensure employees’ favorite snacks are always available by creating an automated order. Note how long it takes to diminish your supply and set up a recurring delivery to arrive a few days earlier.

Create a storage system

Avoid clutter in the kitchen by installing a storage system just for snacks. Fill plastic bins with individually wrapped treats and store them on the counter or in a cabinet. If you’re providing canned drinks, invest in a few refrigerator racks for easy dispensing. Alternatively, install a few glass-front beverage coolers to create a more inviting display.

Keep snacks that require preparation near the required equipment. Put a carrier of jams and jellies near the toaster, for example, and store microwave popcorn in a bin near the microwave. Thoughtful organization prevents crowding and maintains the flow of traffic.

Order in catered treats with Grubhub

Keep your employees on their toes with the occasional unexpected treat ordered in from a local restaurant. Cater an ice cream sundae bar and set it up in your kitchen, or order a selection of donuts and cookies from a local bakery for the next team meeting. To make the biggest impact, break out the surprise snacks when employees need them most—Mondays, a Wednesday during your busiest season, or the last day of a big project. A small indulgence lets the team know you notice and appreciate their contributions.

If you don’t have time to run to the store, ordering snacks at work is quick and easy with Grubhub Corporate Accounts. Simply select a local restaurant, choose from the menu, and freshly prepared food will show up at your chosen delivery time. Because Grubhub operates across the United States, you can even send prepared treats to remote workers. Want to learn more? Get started with a corporate account today.