Hybrid teams

We can help keep your hungry team happy, whether they're in the office, at home or a mixture of both.

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Feed employees at home and at the office

Safely feed your team with a Corporate Account that satisfies their taste buds, no matter where they're working.

Boost employee morale
Boost employee morale

Keep your team happy and well-fed, no matter where they’re working from.

Ensure benefits parity
Ensure benefits parity

Customize your ordering options so that remote employees and in-office employees feel equally valued.

Order local favorites nationwide
Order local favorites nationwide

Recruit new hires by offering world-class meal perks whether they’re remote or in-office.

Individual Meals

Employees can order—in the office or at home—with budgets and rules to control spend


Safety is our top priority. Feed your next team meeting with individually boxed meals.

Group order

Your team adds food to a shared cart. Meals are paid for separately and delivered together.

"Having a corporate account has made it much easier to make sure that all employees are taken care of. They have the option to purchase individual meals or group orders and I always have someone to contact if I have a questions or concern."

Giana R, Workplace and Employee Experience Manager at GoFundMe

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Frequently Asked Questions


It’s critical to provide benefit parity and ensure all hybrid employees feel valued, no matter where they are working. In fact, your company culture and employee morale depend on it.
A hybrid workforce includes a blend of virtual and in person work, it could have some workers fully remote, some fully in the office, and others working both at home and in the office.