What does a Welcome Email do?

Welcome Emails are sent from [email protected] and direct users to create a password. Users have 3 days to set a password. If they do not, the Welcome email link will expire. In this case, the user can click Reset password on Grubhub.com/login to set their password.

Can Welcome Emails be automated?

Yes! Whether you are a new Grubhub corporate client or an existing client, enabling the Automated Welcome Emails feature will save you time and energy by generating automatic welcome emails for each new diner with instructions to set up their account and password.

How do I enable automated Welcome Emails?

Please contact your Client Success Manager (CSM) or Corporate Admin Support if you would like to enable or disable this feature.

If you choose to enable Automatic Welcome Emails, the Welcome Email will be sent to all users uploaded to the account on the date you chose for the account to go live. After that date, it is sent immediately whenever a new user is added to the account.

When are diners sent automated Welcome Emails?
  • All employees that are added to the Grubhub Corporate account and have active meal credits available, or coming up in 7 days or less, will receive a one-time automated Welcome Email.
  • No automated Welcome Emails will be sent more than 7 days before an employee’s meal credit is active.
  • If an employee has already received a meal credit or automated Welcome Email already, they will no longer automated Welcome Emails.
What if I need to manually send or resend a Welcome Email?

Admins can manually send the Welcome Email from the Admin Portal.

  1. Navigate to the Group Administration section of your account, select Employees & Groups.
  2. Using the search bar, enter the employee’s name or email address and click on the envelope icon to the right of the user’s information to deploy a new welcome email.
Why aren’t my users receiving their welcome emails or reset password emails?

It could be that your company’s server is blocking our emails from coming through. Please ask your organization’s tech team to whitelist the following email domains:

  • @grubhub.com
  • @seamless.com
  • @mandrillapp.com
  • @mandrill.com
How do I manually send Welcome Emails to a large group of users?
  1. If you want to send Welcome Emails to all users, navigate to the Group Administration section of your account and select Employees & Groups.
  2. Under the search bar in the Active Employees section, check the box to highlight the entire page of users.
  3. Once all users on the page have been checked, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the button Email # Employees. This will immediately send welcomes to everyone checked on that page.
  4. Repeat this for as many pages of employees as you have.

You also have the option to uncheck select employees if you wish to skip welcome emails for a few individuals.

What else do I need to know?

For clients that manage their diner roster via SFTP, any new diners created via SFTP will be automatically emailed each morning.