Take a virtual tour

(To take the virtual tour, please log into your Grubhub Corporate account first)

Before you create a Meal Credit, make sure that you have created a Group to associate with that credit.

  1. Log into corporate.grubhub.com. In the top right corner, click the person icon and select Business Account.
  2. In the navigation bar, hover over Employees & Groups and click “Groups”.
  3. Here, you can manage all your Groups. Select Add new group.
  4. Give your new Group a name and description, then click Add group.
  5. Now, assign employees to that Group. Employees must first be added to your account before they can be assigned to a Group.
    • If you already have employees added to your account, click Add employees and select the employees you want to add to this Group.
    • If you don’t already have employees added to your account, hover over Employees & Groups in the navigation bar and click Employees. You can manually add employees one by one with the “Add New Employee” button, or bulk add employees.
  6. Now you can create your meal credits.