What is a Meal Credit?
A meal credit is a meal budget provided by your employer for use on Grubhub. Your employer determines the budget amount, the availability (time of day, days of week), the frequency (daily, weekly, etc) and what location(s) you can use it in (only in-office, anywhere, etc).

The day your credit first becomes available, if your administrator chooses to send it, you’ll receive an email sharing all of the details of your meal credit, including the amount and the ordering window.

How to Apply Your Budget
There are two ways to apply your budget when ordering on a desktop:

  1. When you are logged in and on the homepage, below the restaurant search area, you will see a banner informing you of your meal credit. Click View Restaurants and your meal credit will automatically be applied to your order at checkout. You will be directed to the Restaurant Selection and Filtering page. Please note that this banner will only appear during the time frame that your meal credit is available to use

  1. You can also apply it when reviewing your order under the “Payment information” section at checkout. Again, please note that your meal credit only appears if the desired delivery time falls within the time frame of the credit.

If you order via the Grubhub app, you will see a banner on the homepage informing you of your available meal credit and your meal credit will automatically apply at checkout.