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Creating Meal Credits

  1. Hover over “Meal credit settings” and click “Meal credits”. Then, click “Add meal credit”.
  2. Name your meal credit; this is what your employees will see. We suggest including the name of the event or company associated with this meal credit so it’s easy for your employees to identify.
  3. Choose how long this budget is available.
    • One day budgets are best for single day events (e.g. happy hours, meetings, celebrations). They can also repeat on specific days of the week.
    • Weekly budgets are best for ongoing meal programs (e.g. providing employees lunch for the week). They can also repeat on a weekly basis.
    • For multi-day budgets, select the “Custom weeks” option and use a decimal number to indicate multiple days within a week. E.g. 0.5 = 3 days.
  4. Then, select the time window for when the order must be placed and delivered, or simply check the “All day” box. Orders can be placed in advance but must be delivered within the designated timeframe.
  5. Next, choose what geographic areas your employees can order from. To ensure they can order from their home, select “Anywhere”.
  6. Under “Order Settings”, you can choose how your employees order their meals. Checking all options provides the most flexibility.
  7. Next, choose to require any sort of expense code/comments at checkout.
  8. Lastly, we recommend notifying your employees when their meal credit becomes available. By clicking “Yes,” we’ll send a customized, one-time email the morning the meal credit begins – so long as you create and assign meal credits the night before. Diners added to an existing budget will receive an email the morning after they’re added. By clicking “No,” you’ll be opting out of any email notifications announcing the credit.
  9. Now, click “Add Meal Credit” and you can start adding groups to your new meal credit.
  10. Scroll down and assign your meal credit either directly to individual employees, or select the group(s) you want associated with this meal credit.
  • If assigning your meal credit to individual employees, first select the budget, then proceed to select the employees who should have access to that credit.

  • If assigning whole groups to your meal credit, first select the group, then indicate the budget amount for the entire group. For more information on how to create a group of employees that you can connect to a meal credit, check out Group Management!

  • Click “Save” and you’re done!

Meal Credit FAQs

How do I create meal credits?
Please see the below section, Creating Meal Credits, for a step-by-step guide.

Can I set up specific budgets for holidays?
Yes. Meal credits can be created as many times and in any time frame you would like.

Can I change a meal credit after it starts?
Yes. However, the date, frequency and order window cannot be changed once the meal credit is created. You will need to deactivate the meal credit and create a new one.

My employee is not seeing their meal credit balance and/or is being asked to enter their personal credit card upon checkout.
There could be a few reasons. Check to make sure all below items are addressed. If you’re still facing this issue, please reach out to your CSM!

  • The account your employee is ordering from is not tied to a corporate account. If the employee is tied to the corporate account, please check that a welcome email has been sent and that the employee registered their account.
  • The user is signing in using the wrong email.
  • The user is on the account but not tied to a group.
  • The user is tied to a group that is not tied to an active meal credit.
  • The order exceeds the amount budgeted to the user (credit card may be required to cover overages).
  • The user is attempting to order outside of your company’s allotted ordering times.
  • Meal credits are often location-specific. Is your employee trying to order to the office or elsewhere?
  • The user may try clearing their cache/cookies, using Google Chrome as the web browser and turning off any active VPNs in case it is a security setting.