Can I edit a scheduled team order?

Prior to order open time, you can add new restaurants and participants, change the order name, owner and window, and edit delivery fee payment settings.

After ordering opens, you can add new restaurants and participants.

Can I cancel a scheduled team order?

If the team order window has not opened, you can cancel the order in the admin portal of your account.

If the ordering window is open and employees have ordered, reach out to our Care team at (844) 478-2249 and they’ll look into canceling the order for you.

Adding Employees to an STO after the order has opened:

If the order has already opened and you make changes to a group or add a new employee to a group, once the STO ordering window has opened you will need to manually add the new employee to the team order for them to see the link on their homepage. Employees can access the STO order via the drop down menu on the side of the homepage.

If you don’t see the team order available on your homepage, please try the following troubleshooting tips:

    • Make sure you’re logged into using the email address you used to register (your work email address)
    • If you did not receive a welcome email/you need to set your password and access your corporate profile, please go to > click “Sign-in” towards the top right of the page > then click “Reset Password”
    • Make sure your ordering window is still open
    • Clear your cache/cookies in your web browser’s history. If your computer has gone through a recent IT update, this is most likely the cause of the issue.
    • Please DO NOT use Internet Explorer when using Seamless. The preferred web browser is Google Chrome.
    • If you do not see “order now” link on homepage, check “scheduled team order” toggle from the drop down menu
    • If you’re still not able to access your team order after trying these steps first, please reach out to your account administrator.

I received an email regarding an error on my STO, how do I fix this?

Please reach out to our Corporate Admin Support team at [email protected] in regards to any errors with your STO.