For the foreseeable future, some companies will continue to work remotely, while others will head back to the office and many will become a hybrid workforce. This can make planning for company benefits, like food perks, challenging. 

Here’s three considerations to keep in mind when planning employee food perks, regardless of where your team is working from.

#1: Treat All Employees Equally

With employees working from home, in the office, and a mix of both, it is important to create benefit parity for everyone. Remote employees face unique challenges, including lost engagement and connection to coworkers, so it’s critical to ensure remote employees feel just as valued as employees who work from the office. 

One way to address this is through employee food perks. With a meal benefit in place through a flexible corporate ordering solution, you can provide food for all team members, no matter where they’re working.  

#2: Put Safety First

If your team does start heading back into the office, the Grubhub Corporate Accounts team is prepared to help make your move back to the office easy, safe and delicious. We offer three ordering types that have unique features to promote safety and social distancing for all of your corporate ordering needs: group order, individually-boxed catering, and individual meals. 

Individual meals are a great option for remote employees and those back in the office since they allow your team members to order independently and promote social distancing. Individual orders discourage large groups and food sharing and make it easy for your team to order exactly what they’re craving. Employees simply place their order and when they get to the checkout page they’ll see the meal credit applied to their total.

Group orders are an easy way for your team to safely order whatever they’re craving from a variety of restaurants. Orders arrive together, limiting the amount of people entering your office, and are individually bagged and labeled, making it quick and easy for your team to grab and go.

With individually boxed catering you order like you normally would, but instead of platters, the food arrives individually-boxed.

No matter which order type you choose, you can take advantage of our new safety features—contact-free delivery and curbside pickup! When placing a delivery order, contact-free delivery is the default delivery method. Your team can input instructions—like leave with the front desk—and be notified when the food arrives. If your team is placing a pickup order, many restaurants offer curbside pickup as an option on the checkout page. Upon arrival to pick up the order, call the restaurant and let them know you’re out front.  

#3: Offer Flexibility

With an uncertain year ahead, it’s important to have corporate ordering solutions that adapt to evolving circumstances. And, teams need a solution that easily allows for food ordering at home and at the office. A Grubhub corporate account offers a remote ordering feature that can be turned on or off at any time. 

For teams back in the office, your employee food perks plan should factor in the fact that the start of the year will likely look quite different than the end of the year. A variety of ordering options provides flexibility as your ordering needs change throughout the year. 

To Conclude

Employee food perks remind your team that you value them, thus creating more engaged and productive workers at home and in the office. While you’re creating your plan, be sure to treat all employees equally, focus on food safety, and choose a solution that offers flexibility. 

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