Throughout 2020, webinars have increased in popularity, and experts say this trend won’t slow down as we enter 2021. When hosting webinars, teams typically have goals that fit into the following buckets: 

  • Registrations: getting your target audience to sign up for your webinar
  • Attendance: ensuring your registrants attend your webinar
  • Engagement: capturing attendees’ attention

Let’s explore tips for using food to increase webinar registrations, attendance, and engagement.

Driving Registrations

If your primary goal is to drive registrations, you can consider offering a meal credit to anyone who signs up for your webinar. Food is a great incentive to help your invite stand out in crowded inboxes and drive registrations. If you are limited by budget, you can set a cap on your offer. For example, you may offer a meal to the first 100 people who sign up.

The Knowledge Exchange, an event management company, is one company that used a Grubhub Corporate Account to offer a meal to drive registrations.

“The biggest proof of how successful our Grubhub Corporate Account is for us was an immediate 40% increase in registrations, as well as a 50% uptick in overall web traffic.” Joseph L, Managing Director and Founder of The Knowledge Exchange

Increasing Attendance

When you offer free food at in-person events, more people attend. The same holds true when it comes to webinars. If attendance is your primary goal, consider offering a meal to anyone who attends your webinar. You can download a registration report from your webinar and email a meal credit after the event for anyone that joined.

AppZen, a software company, used a Grubhub Corporate Account to offer a meal to increase their webinar attendance.

Key C, Enterprise Account Executive at AppZen, says, “Grubhub has increased attendance for virtual prospect/customer webinars by 120%. The offer of a free lunch from their restaurant of choice, delivered to their desired location, in a secure and convenient way is what our attendees appreciate during times like this.”

Unlocking Engagement

Many marketers want to ensure attendees are actually engaged during the webinar, which can be challenging in a virtual environment full of distractions. One way to unlock engagement is to offer meals during the webinar as a reward for participating. 

 For example, you might offer a meal credit to any attendee who asks a question or answers a poll. You can choose the parts of the webinar that are most important to your business goals, this way attendees pay attention and absorb your message. 

Whether you want to offer meals for registrations, attendance, or engagement, you should promote the giveaway in your marketing materials. Oftentimes, promoting participation-based meal credit giveaways also helps increase registration and attendance rates.

A Grubhub Corporate Account is a simple, flexible, and cost-effective way to provide a meal for your webinars to help increase webinar attendance and engagement.

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