The case for virtual celebrations

Most employees around the country are now working remotely. One study found that employers are encouraging or requiring 88 percent of Americans to work from home because of COVID-19. With many employees at home, this year’s upcoming holiday season is definitely going to be different, but it can still be fun with virtual holiday celebrations. With Halloween approaching, we’ve heard from many companies that are looking for ways to lift holiday spirits among remote employees.    

The need to maintain holiday celebrations

Holidays like Halloween have always provided an important platform for team and culture building. It is a chance for employees to bond over festivities and celebrate together. In fact, some research suggests that employers that had a positive attitude towards incorporating elements of fun into the workplace have more satisfied employees than those that don’t. Happy employees are more productive, more motivated, less stressed, and more likely to remain with their employers.

But with most employees working from home now, how can you celebrate Halloween together as a team? Here are three ideas for your virtual Halloween celebrations.

1.    Host a virtual costume competition

What’s Halloween without costumes? Dressing up is a key part of Halloween.  A virtual costume competition is an absolute must if you’re looking to engage your team! Not only is it a great way to shake things up a bit, but it allows working parents to include their children in the festivities. 

To ensure that everyone has a chance to showcase their costume in all its glory, accept electronic submissions during the day and have people vote for their favorite costume. Encourage people to be as creative as they want. You can even have several categories such as Funniest Costume, Best Movie Character Costume, Best Parent-Child Costume, and Best Game Character Costume.

Once the votes are in, come together for your virtual Halloween celebration to announce the winners and show off your costumes on camera. What do the winners get? Why something delicious to eat of course! The company can sponsor dinner for the winners which can be delivered right to their door.

2.    Live stream a Halloween movie

Can you host a movie night with your teammates while you’re all social distancing? Absolutely!

Thanks to all the live streaming services at our disposal, it’s easier than ever to organize a company movie night. Not only is this a fun way for everyone involved to relax together but it can foster a sense of camaraderie despite everyone being so far from each other. All you have to do is set a date, choose a film (some of our clients are having the team vote for their favorite Halloween movie), and send a calendar invite with the link to watch. 

With the goal of creating a memorable experience, there should be a budget in place to allow employees to order food while they watch the movie. Let them know ahead of time so that they can truly enjoy the movie with all the accompanying perks.

3.    Enjoy a digital pumpkin carving party

Pumpkin carving is synonymous with Halloween. Carving pumpkins is a tradition that cannot be excluded if you’re looking to host a successful virtual Halloween celebration. But, how do you go about doing it digitally?

First things first – preparation. Choose a day and time when you wish to have this carving ceremony. Send people a list of resources they should get together ahead of time. Things like carving kits, butcher paper or newspaper to carve on, bowls to collect pumpkin seeds, decorations such as tea lights, and a pumpkin, of course. Consider providing a stipend to cover some of these costs.

Remember this is a carving party and every party needs food! We recommend offering your employees a bonus meal credit so they can order food while they carve out their pumpkins. Employees can order food prior to starting the event and then enjoy it during the virtual party. 

During the event, you can encourage people to share their time-tested recipes, talk about their favorite Halloween traditions, and reminisce on their childhood memories. This experience doesn’t have to be overly structured, but a clear end time should be set to maximize engagement. 

Make virtual events easier with a Grubhub Corporate Account

A Grubhub Corporate Account makes it easier for businesses to offer a meal to employees during these virtual holiday celebrations, no matter where they’re working from. With a variety of holidays coming up, you can host your events on a recurring basis and offer employees a meal budget each time. Whether you’re planning a team party or a company-wide Halloween experience, Grubhub can provide a meal that brings everyone to the table for your virtual event—nothing brings people together like good food and great company. Learn more about how a Grubhub Corporate Account can take your virtual Halloween celebration to the next level. 

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