Did you know that diets play a huge role in meeting goals? Eating the right nutritious food can keep energy levels steady, boost mood and leave a person ready to tackle anything the day throws at them. Many teams are working remote right now, but health and motivations remain critical. Consider extending a meal perk to home so employees can stay fueled for the whole work day. Here are some menu items to suggest your team. 


Oats are your team’s new best friend when it comes to breakfast. They are packed with slow-releasing energy to keep them fueled throughout the day. Suggest to your team that they should add in fresh or dried fruits for flavor. Or throw in cinnamon for a little something sweet. 

Mid-morning snack

Encourage your team to stay energized throughout the morning by suggesting a range of nutrient-rich snacks. Bananas are an ideal choice as they are packed with mood-boosting magnesium. Raisins and dried apricots are a great source of iron. Oranges will deliver a nice dose of folic acid. 


Salads are the obvious choice for a healthy lunch, however, you can’t beat a comforting bowl of soup.  Suggest whole-grain bread, salad or vegetable sides to pair with it and keep everyone full and satisfied.  

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