As companies shift to a hybrid workplace, many business leaders are looking to increase engagement in team meetings, particularly as some employees may be in the office, while others might be joining remotely.

Here are three ways to increase engagement in team meetings.

1. Provide food

Providing food during team meetings can be a great way to increase engagement and add an element of fun. For remote or hybrid employees, consider offering individual meal credits, where all employees get the same meal budget and can order something they love, wherever they’re working. While in the team meeting, employees can share what they ordered and have it be a topic of conversation at the beginning of the meeting.

For employees who are in-person, consider catering your next team meeting. A Grubhub Corporate Account offers a search filter to find restaurants that individually box meals instead of, or in addition to, preparing platters. Boxed catering meals promote safety and make it easy for teams to social distance while grabbing their box. Check out these five corporate catering tips for feeding your teams.

2. Start with a round of introductions

Opt to start your team meeting with a round of introductions. This can be as simple as stating employee name, location and role. You can even have employees share a fun fact or their favorite hobbies to make it more personable.

This practice can be especially useful for new employees as they get to know other team members.

3. Ask for feedback

Want to gauge the effectiveness of your team meeting? Consider asking employees to share feedback. You can circulate a form after the meeting and ask team members to provide anonymous feedback, which you can use to improve the structure of future team meetings. Be sure to have a few open-ended questions where employees can freely offer their responses. Some examples include:

  • What was the best thing about this meeting?
  • What can be improved about this meeting?
  • Was there anything specific that created confusion?
  • Was the style of the meeting interesting and compelling?
  • Did you feel the meeting matched what was promised on the agenda?
  • Do you understand what’s expected of you given the information/guidelines shared in this meeting?
  • Are you looking forward to the next meeting? Why or why not?
  • What would you do differently?
  • What other meeting formats would you like to explore?
  • Do you have any specific requests for food you’d like to see at our next meeting?

Making space for feedback, and acting upon it, allows team members to know their ideas are being heard.

Increase engagement during team meetings with Grubhub

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