March is Women’s History Month, a national celebration of the impactful contributions made by women throughout American history.

As a company leader, your corporate practices have the ability to impact your employees and the community at large. By engaging in meaningful dialogue and celebrations, you can help to build the foundation towards a more inclusive society. Here are four ways to celebrate Women’s History Month with your team.

1. Highlight women leaders in your industry

Showcasing women leaders in your industry is a great way to amplify their achievements and inspire change along the way. To make it interactive for your team, opt to have employees nominate women leaders that have made a positive impact.

Consider spotlighting these women leaders on your company social media pages, department newsletters, or during team meetings.

2. Host an International Women’s Day lunch

This year, International Women’s Day, a part of Women’s History Month, falls on Tuesday, March 8. For companies with employees in the office, offering a catered lunch is a fun and easy way to celebrate. Plus, you can opt to cater from a local, women-owned business on Grubhub. Check out The Grubhub Women’s Project, where we’re featuring a few of the many incredible female chefs and restaurant owners we’re proud to partner with.

For those with employees working remotely or in a hybrid model, consider offering individual meal credits for employees to use during the session. With individual meal credits, employees can order a meal of their choice and have it safely delivered to wherever they are working from. During the International Women’s Day lunch, consider streaming an empowering documentary or bringing in a guest speaker to keep the event interactive and engaging.

3. Share books by women authors

Books can be an important influence in shaping our culture and society. Women are leading the way in writing texts that aim to uplift and inspire. Consider sharing a list of favorite books by women authors at your next team meeting, or even start a company book club focused on centering texts by women authors. Looking for resources to start? Check out these four must-read books written by women.

4. Organize a virtual International Women’s Day trivia event

A fun and interactive way to celebrate Women’s History Month is through a virtual team-building activity—trivia! Consider asking digital trivia questions to your team randomly throughout International Women’s Day. The winners can be the first three responses with the correct answers. To add to the event, opt for a prize that the team will be sure to enjoy, like free lunch!

Show your support during Women’s History Month with Grubhub

Celebrating Women’s History Month at work is a great start in recognizing the important role women have played throughout history. Check out these tips for more ideas on how to host work celebrations that promote diversity and inclusion.

When you open a Grubhub Corporate Account to feed your team, you have access to a diverse array of local women-owned businesses throughout your community. To learn more about getting started, contact our team today.