Corporate catering has traditionally meant shared platters in the office, and companies love using catering-friendly restaurants so that they can tailor meals and packaging to feed specific meetings or events in the office. Not to mention, ordering catering takes a lot of the planning and guess work around diner preferences off the organizer’s plate. 

Catering has always been a cost-effective way to feed groups of people, offering the company complete control over what meals are ordered and the budget for those meals. In this new post-pandemic environment, the benefits of corporate catering not only hold true, but increase in value. As companies return to work, catering allows meals for multiple employees to be delivered at once —reducing traffic into your office building and event spaces. And of course, you can still stagger meal times while having your catering set up in one or a few designated places in the office.

The return to work welcomes back work lunches, team-building activities, and events to show employee appreciation. Just like before the pandemic, catering is a great way to boost morale by allowing employees to connect over a delicious meal during these activities. Here are five tips for ordering corporate catering as your employees return to work

#1: Take a poll to ensure accurate headcount

To further take advantage of the cost controls catering provides, it’s important to take the necessary steps to minimize food waste. The best way to do this is to get an accurate headcount of how many employees will actually be eating the food. To do this, companies may send out a poll to their team so they know exactly how much food to order. While you’re at it, you could include a question in your poll asking for input on the cuisine your employees enjoys. 

#2: Order ahead

Whether you’re ordering food for an executive meeting or for employee meals at a lunch and learn, we know that on-time delivery is critical. Many companies place their corporate catering orders in advance to reduce stress day-of. 

Additionally, we recently launched the Grubhub Guarantee — our newest feature that guarantees on-time delivery for your corporate catering orders or you’ll get a Grubhub Guarantee Perk to make it right for your next order.* This information is all on and in the app. All you have to do is submit a claim and we will take it from there, it’s really that easy.

#3: Provide clear delivery instructions

Looking for contact-free delivery? Or maybe you want the food delivered to a designated location or left with the doorman. Whatever your delivery instructions are, make sure you note that in your order so your corporate catering arrives exactly where it needs to be. 

#4: Support local restaurants

When you use Grubhub for your corporate catering, you have the ability to easily direct your food budget to small and midsize restaurants. Many companies order corporate catering regularly and rotate the choices to support a variety of local restaurants. Large corporate catering orders are an impactful way to support restaurants in your community. 

#5: Choose individually boxed catering meals

A Grubhub Corporate Account offers a search filter to find restaurants that individually box meals instead of, or in addition to, preparing platters. Boxed catering meals promote safety and make it easy for teams to social distance by quickly grabbing their box. Individually boxed catering meals are a great option for teams looking to easily feed meeting attendees, small gatherings, and more.

Ordering corporate catering with a Grubhub Corporate Account

As you plan your corporate catering orders for your return to work, Grubhub Corporate is here to help. Whether it’s a one off meeting or a weekly lunch and learn, Grubhub is a simple and reliable way to feed your team.

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*The Grubhub Guarantee includes the Lowest Price Guarantee and the On-Time Delivery Guarantee. The Lowest Price Guarantee is a price match program that offers claimants Grubhub Guarantee Perks (“GHG Perks”) in connection with certain orders when a qualifying lower price is available for the same order on a competitor platform (DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates only). Pricing will be determined based on food and beverage total plus tax and fees (excluding promos, tip and discretionary charges). Maximum $15 Lowest Price Guarantee GHG Perk (which includes a $5 Extra Perk). The On-Time Delivery Guarantee offers claimants GHG Perks in connection with eligible online delivery orders that are delivered late. Eligible claimants will receive at least a $5 On-Time Delivery Guarantee GHG Perk. Each GHG Perk may be redeemed on a future order with a food and beverage total equal to or greater than the value of the GHG Perk (before tax, tip, fees). Claims must be submitted within 7 days of the applicable order. GHG Perks are funded by Grubhub. GHG Perks may be redeemed only on a future order, expire 30 days after issue, may not be combined and are subject to restrictions. No cash exchanges, payment method credits, or refunds. Full terms available at