Holidays are the perfect excuse to show employees you appreciate all of their hard work. This Fourth of July, you can let your team know you care by celebrating the holiday with fun team-building activities. Many teams are working in a hybrid model with both in-office and remote employees, so it’s important that everyone feels included in your holiday celebrations. In this post we look at four ideas for celebrating Fourth of July at work, which can all be hosted in-person, virtually, or a hybrid of both, to show employee appreciation

#1: Outfit Competition

Get in the Independence Day spirit by having your team members wear red, white, and blue. Then, have everyone vote on the winners. To ensure safety for in-office employees and to be inclusive for remote workers, you can have participants submit photos and vote in a team chat. 

You can consider offering different categories to vote on, like most fashionable or most creative. Be sure to offer prizes for the winners that receive the most votes. 

#2: Team Lunch

A team lunch is a great way to show employee appreciation and celebrate Independence Day at work. You can play culture-building activities together during this time, or you can simply give your staff unstructured time to chat and get to know one another better. Take the hard work out of planning the meals by providing your employees with individual meal perks so they can order whatever they’re craving. 

#3: Stream a Firework Show

Fireworks have always been a Fourth of July staple. Stream a firework show so that all of your employees can enjoy the magic together. Choose a date and time, send out the link, and let your team bond over the beautiful fireworks. This could also be a great way to include working parents as kids love fireworks. 

To make your firework show even more special, don’t forget to include food. Offer employees a meal credit and suggest local restaurants to support. 

#4: Independence Day Trivia

Trivia is always a crowd pleaser, and Fourth of July-themed questions are a great way to let your team test their knowledge. The questions can range from historic, like “Why do we celebrate with fireworks?”, to current, like “How many hotdogs do Americans eat every Fourth of July?”. 

Enhance the competition with some great prizes such as gift cards, swag, or meal credits! 

Celebrating Fourth of July at Work 

Celebrating the Fourth of July at work with your remote and in-office employees can enhance employee morale and ensure team members feel connected to one another and appreciated. As you finalize your plans, remember that a Grubhub Corporate Account can help you safely provide meals for all your Independence Day activities. 

A meal from Grubhub can bring everyone together for holidays, team celebrations and more.

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