Spring is in the air, and your employees are feeling the excitement. Whether your team is saying goodbye to the winter cold, or they are simply ready for the flowers to come into full bloom, spring is a terrific reason to celebrate and help boost employee morale.

Here are four ideas to celebrate spring at work. If your team is in the office, working from home, or working in a hybrid manner with a mix of both, these ideas will help boost your company culture and show your employees you appreciate them. 

#1: Planting Party

Spring is a great time of year to host a planting party. You can provide all employees with seeds and instructions for planting at home or, if you’re back in the office, a designated area to plant. Company gardening is a great way to encourage your team  to get outside, enjoy nature, and exercise. You can encourage your team to document their planting journey to foster social interaction, helping boost employee morale.

#2: Spring Cleaning Charity Giveaway

When you can unite your team for a common cause, they build stronger relationships and are often more productive. For your spring-cleaning charity giveaway, you can encourage employees to clean out their homes and collect items to donate to a local charity. To get employee buy-in for your spring-cleaning charity giveaway, give your employees some choices—provide them a survey and see where they want to donate their items. Companies might also consider matching the donations to increase the community contribution. 

#3: Fitness Hour

A fitness hour is another great way to celebrate spring at work. As the days get warmer and the sun is out longer, your team will be excited to spend some time outdoors. You can choose an activity, like yoga or jump rope, and get your team together (virtually or socially distanced in-person) to exercise together. Consider wrapping up your fitness hour by providing your team with a meal perk to order a smoothie or salad for lunch! 

#4: Paint Night

Painting is a great way to get creativity flowing amongst employees. Celebrate spring at work by hosting a paint night with your team. Consider choosing a seasonal theme, like blooming flowers and an instructor who can guide your team in their creations. If you’re hosting the paint night digitally, after everyone is done painting you can encourage employees to post their work in the team chat to show off the beautiful art they created. 

Grubhub Corporate is Here to Help 

After a long winter, your employees want to celebrate spring at work. These activities are great culture-building opportunities that can help celebrate your team and boost employee morale. While planting parties and paint nights are fun on their own, food will make them can’t-miss events. A Grubhub Corporate Account can help make your spring celebrations delicious and boost employee morale year-round! 

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