Memorial Day weekend is generally known as the unofficial start to summer. It’s a weekend filled with much excitement for the months ahead including cookouts, trips to the beach, bonfires, and more. Memorial Day is also much more than a celebration of summer to come, it’s a time to honor the military personnel who have died while serving in military service.

So, what can companies do to celebrate the weekend and honor the troops? Here are four ideas to celebrate Memorial Day at work to boost employee morale.

#1: Team Barbecue

A barbecue is a great way to celebrate your team and the armed forces or troops. Depending on your local government COVID guidelines, you can choose to either have this barbecue in-person or virtually. To add elements of fun, you can plan to host team-building activities such as trivia, bingo, charades and more.

Whether you’re in-person or digital, you should plan to provide food and drinks! A Grubhub Corporate Account can help you safely feed your barbecue with our individual meals, group orders, or individually-boxed catering ordering options.  

#2: Volunteer Day

A recent study found that businesses that create a culture of volunteerism can boost employee morale as well as the entire workplace atmosphere. To celebrate Memorial Day at work, you can set up a volunteer day for all your team members. In the spirit of the holiday, you can consider choosing an activity that supports local military organizations. These can be in-person volunteer activities, like lending a helping hand at a local community organization, or virtual, like writing and mailing letters to current soldiers or the families of fallen service members. 

#3: Flower Craft Party

Another way to celebrate Memorial Day at work is to host a flower craft party. It’s easy to set up — simply provide the supplies your team needs to make flower arrangements. Send your virtual team these supplies, or create individual kits your in-person team can use. In the spirit of volunteerism, your team can donate their finished products to local military organizations or families. 

#4: Festive Decorations

Show your patriotism with your team by decorating for Memorial Day. You can use red and blue themed streamers, flags, tablecloths, balloons, and more. If your team is working from  home, encourage them to decorate their work stations or use a Memorial Day-themed virtual background for your team meetings. Consider turning this into a competition where the best decorators win a prize! 

Final Thoughts

Memorial Day weekend gives us all the chance to relax and welcome summer while paying tribute to our troops. Celebrating Memorial Day at work with culture-building events can boost employee morale and foster camaraderie. 

For these celebrations, including a delicious meal is an added way to ensure your team feels appreciated. Grubhub Corporate can help provide a meal that brings everyone together.

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