Whether you’re ordering food for an executive meeting or for employee meals at a lunch and learn, on-time delivery is critical. In a recent survey, Grubhub looked at what mattered most for diners when it came to food delivery and on-time delivery came in as one of the top factors when choosing a platform. That’s why we launched the Grubhub Guarantee — our newest feature that helps restaurants by guaranteeing on-time delivery and the best prices relative to competitors or diners will receive Grubhub Guarantee Perks.* In other words: when orders don’t go as planned, we’ll make it right. 

With the Grubhub Guarantee, we’re standing behind on-time delivery and lowest price guarantees to help facilitate a great corporate ordering experience and protect restaurants’ reputations. The Grubhub Guarantee builds on the recently-launched Grubhub Direct, which gives restaurants a commission-free option to build their online presence and underscores our ongoing commitment to serve restaurants as they recover from a tough year. 

“Restaurants work incredibly hard to create the best experience for diners, and we are helping to safeguard the reputations of our restaurant partners through Grubhub Guarantee,” said Adam DeWitt, Grubhub CEO. “We have been building and refining the online ordering and delivery process since 2004, and restaurants rely on us to connect them to diners and help them grow. We take restaurants’ brand reputations seriously and believe Grubhub Guarantee will help restaurants grow their online business.”

How the Grubhub Guarantee works 

Here’s how the Grubhub Guarantee works — if your food isn’t delivered on-time, you’ll get a Grubhub Guarantee Perk to make it right for your next order. And, if we don’t have the lowest price compared to our competitors, we’ll give you the difference in price up to $10, plus an additional $5, all in Grubhub Guarantee Perks to use on future orders.

To take advantage of the Grubhub Guarantee, you simply need to submit the order as a claim within your account by following the appropriate prompts, and we will review and get back to you within 24 hours. Rolling this out to our Corporate Accounts doubles down on our commitment to getting you and your team the food you want, when you want it, at the best possible price. That includes both Individual Meals and Catering Orders

This information is all on grubhub.com/guarantee and in the app so your employees will know exactly what to do, but if they have any questions, all you have to do is direct them to submit a claim and we will take it from there. It’s really that easy.

Hassle-free corporate ordering 

When it comes time to place your next corporate food order, remember that a Grubhub Corporate Account can help you easily and safely provide meals, without having to worry about the food arriving on time.

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* The Grubhub Guarantee includes the Lowest Price Guarantee and the On-Time Delivery Guarantee. The Lowest Price Guarantee is a price match program that offers claimants Grubhub Guarantee Perks (“GHG Perks”) in connection with certain orders when a qualifying lower price is available for the same order on a competitor platform (DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates only). Pricing will be determined based on food and beverage total plus tax and fees (excluding promos, tip and discretionary charges). Maximum $15 Lowest Price Guarantee GHG Perk (which includes a $5 Extra Perk). The On-Time Delivery Guarantee offers claimants GHG Perks in connection with eligible online delivery orders that are delivered late. Eligible claimants will receive at least a $5 On-Time Delivery Guarantee GHG Perk. Each GHG Perk may be redeemed on a future order with a food and beverage total equal to or greater than the value of the GHG Perk (before tax, tip, fees). Claims must be submitted within 48 hours of the applicable order. GHG Perks are funded by Grubhub. GHG Perks may be redeemed only on a future order, expire 30 days after issue, may not be combined and are subject to restrictions. No cash exchanges, payment method credits, or refunds. Full terms available at lp.grubhub.com/legal/ghgterms.