5 ideas to virtually celebrate Employee Appreciation Day 2022

With employees across the nation working remotely or in a hybrid model, it’s important to ensure your team feels connected and valued. Employee Appreciation Day is right around the corner taking place on March 4, 2022. Regardless of where your team sits, you can still find creative ways to celebrate.

Here are five ideas to virtually celebrate Employee Appreciation Day 2022.

#1: Throw a virtual party

Virtual parties are a fun way to bring your team together and foster connection. Pick a time during Employee Appreciation Day and send your calendar invitation out to your team. Your virtual party can include games, food, and socializing.

Make sure to set an agenda for your virtual party so employees know what to expect and are excited to attend. If you’ll be providing food for your team, be sure to call this out in the invitation as it’s a great incentive to get people to join and ensure they feel valued. Consider offering individual meal credits, so team members can order from their favorite local restaurants and have it safely delivered wherever they are working.

#2: Have a digital breakfast social

A great way to start Employee Appreciation Day 2022  is to host a digital breakfast social for your team to enjoy together. You can have all of your employees on one digital meeting together, or you can split up into smaller breakout rooms. If you decide to host smaller breakfast socials, you can have your team meet by department, or you could mix departments up so your employees can meet others they don’t work with regularly.

Your team can dial in and kick off the day fueled with a delicious breakfast delivered straight to their door.

#3: Host a lunch and learn

On this Employee Appreciation Day, offer your team a virtual lunch and learn. The topic should be something your employees want to learn about, so you may consider surveying them to learn what topics they are most interested in. If you have a big team, you can consider offering several lunch and learn sessions. This ensures you’re offering a topic that appeals to everyone, all while keeping the virtual groups more intimate to foster connection.

Be sure to provide meal credits to let your employees order their favorite meal delivered right to their home to enjoy during the session!

#4: Buy dinner for your team and their loved ones

With teams at home, one great way to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day 2022 is to provide a dinner budget for not only your team members, but their loved ones as well. Encourage your staff to log off work early and give them a dinner budget so they can order for themselves and their loved ones. Work-life balance is more important than ever, and this gesture shows you support this balance and encourage them to unplug.

#5: Host a digital trivia day

Another fun way to virtually celebrate Employee Appreciation Day 2022 involves everyone’s favorite virtual team-building activity—trivia!

Ask digital trivia questions to your team randomly throughout Employee Appreciation Day. The winners can be the first three responses with the correct answers. Ensure the prize is something the team will enjoy, like free lunch! You can also offer a prize to the employee who answered the most questions correctly throughout the day.

Looking to celebrate in the office?

If your team is no longer working remotely and would like to celebrate in the office, there are plenty of ways to show your appreciation.

#1: Organize a group volunteer event

Show that you value your employees and your local community by hosting an in-person volunteer event. To make this interactive, you can break your team up into small groups and assign tasks. One team could be in charge of writing “thank you” cards, while another can assemble care packages. By doing this, you show your employees you care about them and the community they work in, which can help you build a stronger foundation with the team.

#2: Host an employee appreciation awards lunch

Host an employee appreciation awards lunch to highlight the contributions of your employees. During this lunch, you can hand out personalized awards, which can be in the form of trophies or plaques, for your team members.  Consider catering your event to enhance the experience.

Show your team you care by supporting them with meals 

Celebrating your employees and their achievements on an ongoing basis is key for a strong company culture. Employee Appreciation Day is a great time to take this one step further. Recognizing your team on this day is a small gesture that has the ability to enhance your company culture, even if you can’t all be in the office together.

A Grubhub Corporate Account can help you show your employees you care on Employee Appreciation Day and every day by making it easy to support your remote, hybrid or in-person teams with meals! Contact us today to get started.