Collaboration among your remote team members is critical for morale and overall engagement. Virtual team-building activities can foster camaraderie, ultimately increasing employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity. Digital activities can help employees get to know each other better. Without the break room, your virtual team-building activities become a social arena where communication grows. 

In this article, we look at virtual team-building activities for remote teams so you can continue to build a strong company culture even in a virtual environment. 

Virtual Coffee Chats

Coffee chats have always been a great way to foster camaraderie amongst team members. Many companies are setting up recurring virtual coffee chats for employees.

You can tell your team to join the call with their favorite homemade drink, or consider offering a meal credit so they can order a coffee for delivery. Send out a spreadsheet so employees can sign up to participate. A day or two before the chat, you can go through the list and pair small groups together. Make sure to mix them up each time so team members get a chance to connect with new colleagues that they might not know. Consider providing topics to talk about or designating a leader to facilitate the conversation and help break the ice! 

Digital Hackathons

A hackathon is an event where people get together for a short time to collaborate on a fun project outside of their day-to-day jobs. You can host a hackathon digitally with your virtual team. Team members can sign up to participate, you can assign teams, and then the groups can decide on the project they want to work on. Once the projects are complete, you can host a virtual awards ceremony where teams present their project and a winner is chosen.  

A hackathon can be a fun virtual team-building activity that allows employees to work on something inspiring! 

Online Yoga

Virtual yoga for your remote team is a team-building activity where groups can work out together. Yoga is proven to reduce stress and boost morale. Online yoga is a great bonding opportunity that helps your employees stay healthy and connected. Schedule a date and time where employees can log in and participate in a digital yoga class led by an instructor. Some teams even offer a meal credit so employees can enjoy a healthy post-workout meal.

Remote Team Trivia

To switch up the trivia nights you may have been hosting, you can put together a set of trivia questions all about your team! For example, you can show a picture of someone’s favorite food, their pet, or their favorite vacation spot and have team members guess who it is. This might get competitive, so make sure you have prizes ready, like a meal credit. 

A remote team trivia night allows your team to unplug and learn more about each other in a fun and relaxing way.

Digital Talent Show

Everyone has a talent, so this is a fun way to showcase your team’s creativity. From juggling to dancing or drawing, let your team know a talent can be anything! Put together a few different categories for winners, including best overall talent, funniest talent, and most unique talent. Vote on the winners and provide prizes!    

Just Add Food

When you host virtual team-building activities, you’ll help build stronger relationships between your team members and improve your employee retention, morale, engagement, and overall productivity. 

And every virtual team-building activity is better with food! You can offer the team a meal credit so they can order food to be delivered during these digital events. It also makes a great prize for some of the competitions! 

A Grubhub Corporate Account makes it so easy to provide meals for your team-building activities! Interested in learning more?

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