Client appreciation events are a great way to reinforce your relationship with existing clients. You have an opportunity to show off your business and demonstrate your company culture.

From recommendations specific to realtors and financial advisors to suggestions that work for businesses across a variety of industries, these eight client appreciation event ideas are exactly what your client success team has been waiting for.

1. Hold an Educational Event Centered on a Useful Topic

People always value learning something new. Invite clients to a free lecture or demonstration on a topic they can use to strengthen their own business. Hire an expert to speak on something relevant to your audience like diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, innovation, leadership skills, creating an internship program, or scaling a startup.

Be sure to build in meet and greet time after the event so everyone — including your own team — has at least a few minutes to network and touch base with clients they might not get much facetime with otherwise.

2. Show Your Support for the Arts

Not all professionally minded events have to be about professional topics. Invite clients to an art show, poetry slam, concert, or book reading led by a popular author. It’s fun and you’re still making a great impression.

3. Partner With a Nonprofit

It’s important for companies to showcase their commitment to their community. Create an event that generates actual funds or goods for those in need.

This event could be a food or clothing drive, or you could partner with an animal shelter or other existing nonprofit organization to help them with whatever need is most pressing.

4. Put on a Sporting Event or Fitness Clinic

The spotlight is on wellness these days like never before, with many companies actively seeking out ways to incorporate healthy living into their corporate cultures. Extend that thought process to clients with an event that focuses on being active.

Ideas include:

  • A softball game or tournament with players representing a variety of companies/clients
  • A golf clinic — this option is a gold standard among financial advisors and those in real estate, with attendees enjoying a few        pro lessons as well as some fun  with clients and friends
  • A yoga session, either at a local studio or at a central outdoor location

These types of events are the perfect time to arrange for catering. Use your Grubhub Corporate Account to connect with restaurants with on-site catering capabilities or send individual meal credits with the event invites and attendees can order their own meals (using your preset limits) when the time is right.

5. Rent Out a Movie Theater

Buy out an entire showing of a blockbuster movie everyone has been talking about and invite your VIP clients. Toss in some popcorn, drinks, and candy to ensure they get the full experience. Consider a post-movie happy hour to ensure facetime with your important guests.

6. Throw a Summer Bash

Corporations seem to always throw winter parties and  there’s good reason for the rush of celebrations — everybody is already in a festive mood and it is a great time to reflect upon the year’s accomplishments and next year’s potential. But that also means calendars fill up quickly and many people may not be able to attend.

That’s why we recommend switching that celebration to the summer months. Plus, you can marry client appreciation efforts like gift cards with fun thematic elements such as beach blankets and picnic foods delivered by local restaurants.

7. Online Trivia Night

If you have clients who are still working virtually or in a  hybrid model, it may benefit you both to entertain some virtual client appreciation event ideas. An online trivia night can bring together clients from all over the country. Stick to fun topics and offer prizes, like free meals, gift cards, corporate merch, and gift baskets.

8. Client Appreciation Ideas, Continued: What to Do After the Event

After you have completed your successful event, your job isn’t over. The next step is to turn a great event into one that’s unforgettable. A thank you card will help.

Sending guests a handwritten thank you card adds a personal touch. It indicates that you care. Clients want good deals, but they also want to be seen — knowing they have the attention of upper management could make all the difference when their contract comes up for renegotiation. To really go the extra mile for your clients, try sending them a post-event meal credit on Grubhub as a thank you for attending.

Delight your clients with meals using the benefits and meal options that come with a Grubhub Corporate Account. Contact us today to learn more.