As the holidays approach, gift-giving is one way to show appreciation for your employees. Company presents don’t need to be extravagant — instead, look for thoughtful employee holiday gift ideas that bring joy or comfort. Your team members will appreciate the effort, and you can end the year on a positive note. Here are eight employee holiday gift ideas everyone will love.

1. Noise-Canceling Headphones

The average workplace is busy and active — from ringing phones to office discussions, there’s always something going on. This holiday season, help your employees focus by giving each a pair of high-quality noise-canceling headphones. When it’s time to concentrate, they can slip on the headset and block out background noise with the flip of a switch.

As you consider headphones, look for models with built-in microphones to improve the audio quality of client calls and Zoom meetings. If possible, opt for wireless headphones — Bluetooth makes it easy for employees to connect to a range of devices, regardless of the headphone jack format or operating system.

2. Meal Perks

A free meal is the perfect way to treat your employees this holiday season. Give everyone a weekly meal credit through Grubhub during the month of December. Individual meal perks make a great gift idea for employees as your team can order exactly what they like, from a restaurant of their choice.

As an employer, you get complete control of the budget. Don’t opt for a generic gift card, you’ll unnecessarily overspend. 51% of U.S. adults have unused gift cards and 30% of gift cards go unused after 6 months. 

Additionally, offering employees meal perks is a great way to include your remote team members in the holiday fun.

3. Lounge Pass Membership

If your employees spend a great deal of time on the road for work, surprise them with a lounge pass membership. Programs like Priority Pass provide access to a variety of lounges in airports across the world. Each offers a quiet place to wait for a flight, making business travel more comfortable and relaxing. Your team members can also enjoy free snacks and drinks in most lounges; some locations even offer booths and quiet rooms for meetings on the go.

4. Snack Baskets

If you have more time than money this holiday season, put together a festive snack basket for each employee. Start with a small decorative basket, and stuff it with a range of sweet and savory treats. Single-serve options allow employees to enjoy the occasional afternoon indulgence at their desks.

Alternatively, create snack baskets around a theme. Include cheese, cured meats and crackers for a DIY charcuterie basket, or go with a variety of local specialties from community stores and bakeries. If you’re aware of an employee’s allergies or dietary restrictions, make sure to adjust the contents of the basket accordingly.

5. Ergonomic Chair Cushions

An ergonomic cushion is a welcome treat for employees who spend long days in front of the computer. These cushions are designed to reduce pressure so your employees can sit for hours and still feel fresh. Some styles come with matching backrest cushions for extra lumbar and spine support.

Look for memory-foam models — they adapt to the employee’s frame, so everyone can experience the perfect fit. Cushions with raised sides offer lateral support, and models with depressed centers provide extra relief for high-stress areas. Make sure to choose a model with a strap or a gripper-style bottom to keep it firmly in place when an employee stands up.

6. Employee Outing

Give your team something to look forward to in the new year by planning a company outing. The key is to choose an activity that’s fun and accessible for everyone. If your employees are active, you could spend a day at the ski hill or take everyone to an indoor skydiving park. For a more low-key activity, try bowling or a guided boat tour.

Make sure to consider your employees’ interests and physical abilities; if any team members have limited mobility, choose an activity that accommodates their needs. A group cooking class, an afternoon movie or a trivia night can be fun for everyone.

7. Personalized Company Coffee Mug

When funds are tight, personalized coffee mugs make affordable and useful employee holiday gifts. Choose a mug that feels substantial and holds plenty of coffee or tea. Add your company logo and personalize the mug with the employee’s name or initials. To make things more fun, add a special saying or superlative to show team members you care.

For an extra treat, package the mugs with an electric mug warmer. These small devices plug into a standard outlet and keep the employee’s beverage warm for hours.

8. Extra Paid Time Off

If you want a gift everyone will appreciate, an extra day off is guaranteed to please. Employees can use the time to extend a vacation, take a mental health day or complete personal errands. To help team members get the most from your gift, offer plenty of flexibility. Allow them to use the hours all at once or in smaller chunks as they see fit.

When possible, add a no-questions-asked policy for this special gift. That way, your team can enjoy a break without the need for justification.

As you evaluate employee holiday gift ideas, consider your budget and your team members’ preferences. Keep in mind that the best company gifts are those that benefit each person equally; they show your appreciation and maintain a positive atmosphere in the office. Food is always a great option — you can boost employee morale this holiday season by offering your team meal perks. Contact Grubhub to learn more.