If your company is looking for ways to increase local community support, Giving Tuesday is an ideal time to start. This movement, which takes place the week after Thanksgiving, is an internationally recognized event devoted to generosity. There are no specific rules — the goal is simply to give to others. Giving Tuesday attracts attention from around the world; you can leverage the widespread awareness to increase the positive impact in the community.

1. Volunteer as a Team to Show Local Community Support

If your employees are service-minded, turn Giving Tuesday into a company-wide volunteer day. Choose a project that benefits the community directly, and allow employees to participate on company time. You might volunteer to get a local shelter ready for the winter, pick up garbage in a local park, or build a house with a group such as Habitat for Humanity. Consider asking employees to recommend local organizations; a cause that’s meaningful and relevant can inspire enthusiasm and maximize participation. Then, work with the organization’s leaders to come up with a project your employees can complete in a day or an afternoon.

Serving others is an emotional experience that strengthens the bonds between team members. They’ll walk away with stronger relationships that can lead to more effective collaboration and a better workplace culture.

2. Explore Partnership Opportunities

To participate in Giving Tuesday while maintaining operational continuity, consider partnering with an existing organization. Find a local nonprofit that’s organizing a fundraising event, toy drive, or charity auction. Then, use your existing professional platform to amplify the message. Promote the event on social media, and mention it in emails to customers, vendors, and partners. Your support enables organizers to reach a wider group of people so they can raise more money for the designated cause.

This strategy adapts easily to your available resources. If funds are limited, it’s possible to make an impact with promotion alone. Alternatively, you can contribute financially or donate willing employees’ time to help with preparation, setup, and staffing.

3. Order Catering From Local Restaurants

The time around Thanksgiving can be a slow time for the food-service industry. This year, support the local economy by ordering catering from a local restaurant.

The purchase can also benefit your business. A recent Grubhub survey* found that when you offer meal perks to employees, it has a positive impact on morale, engagement, and productivity. According to 73% of respondents, free meals help employees feel more satisfied with the overall benefits package.

4. Host a Food Drive

Help a local food bank or shelter prepare for the holidays by hosting a Giving Tuesday food drive. Set up a table in the lobby or reception area and invite employees to drop off nonperishable foods on their way into work. If your business is located in a convenient spot, encourage the public and business neighbors to participate — make sure to set up signs to help donors find the way.

Before you plan the drive, speak with the recipient organization to identify top needs and find out the types of food they can accept. Then, promote the event heavily using posters, flyers, and social media. If you want to offer an easier way to get involved, consider accepting donations as well.

5. Become a Sponsor

Community organizations often rely on donations from local businesses to stay afloat. In celebration of Giving Tuesday, set aside money for a sponsorship fund. Invite employees to nominate groups that are doing good in the community, and host an anonymous vote to choose the top three to five winners.

The nomination process is an opportunity to increase employee engagement. You might ask individuals to write a small paragraph or create a video explaining why their choice deserves the money. Post these submissions on the company Slack channel, or share them in an all-hands meeting. Direct involvement can help employees feel more connected to the purpose of the company, which increases job satisfaction, achievement, and connection.

6. Get Involved With a Local School

Get in touch with a local school and find out how your company can support students and teachers. If you run an engineering firm, offer mentorship for a STEM-focused student organization. If your factory runs on robotic automation, invite the local robotics team in for a tour. Other ideas include:When you make a positive impact on a child’s life, it bolsters the company’s reputation with parents, teachers, administrators, and local officials.

  • Encourage students to shadow employees
  • Hold a Q&A session for graduating seniors
  • Send employees to give educational presentations
  • Host a field trip for an elementary or high school class
  • Offer mentorship for students exploring careers in your field

Whether you’re working with students or finding ways to support local organizations, giving back to the community creates a sense of goodwill toward your company. Maintain this positive energy even after Giving Tuesday by making a point to be supportive of your community and local economy. The end of the year offers plenty of opportunities — as you plan holiday events, support and order from local restaurants using Grubhub. Contact us to learn more.

*Based on an internal survey of Grubhub Corporate clients (2022).