Good food is always in style, but certain dishes, types of cuisine, and even drinks change in popularity from year to year. Here’s a look at Grubhub’s greatest hits of 2021 — maybe you’ll find some inspiration to help you decide what to order for your next office occasion.

The top five dishes beloved by Grubhub diners in 2021

When Grubhub diners are hungry, they tend to reach for one of these five dishes. Not only is each pick tasty on its own, but the diversity of these choices underscores how easy it is to find something delicious on Grubhub no matter what your teams are craving.

By offering individual meal perks, employees can order favorite, local options while taking into account their own allergies or dietary restrictions. Grubhub makes it possible for your remote, hybrid or in-office teams to get what they want, when they want, delivered to wherever they are working.

1. Impossible Cheeseburger

As of 2018, about 5% of adults in the United States consider themselves full-time vegetarians, and those numbers are on the rise. The growing affinity for plant-based meal options is reflected in market trends, too, with plant- based food sales growing a whopping 27% in the past year to top $7 billion.

People are increasingly trying plant-based beef alternatives that replicate the flavor and appearance of meat while remaining vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

2. Shredded pork taco

Mexican food is one of the most widely consumed cuisines in the United States, with more than 238 million Americans using Mexican food and ingredients in 2020. It’s no surprise then that the shredded pork taco is the second-most popular item ordered by Grubhub customers this year.

Consider adding Mexican food to your office’s catering rotation, allowing you to offer plenty of variety (tacos, burritos, salads etc.).

3. Apple pecan chicken salad

Coming in third place is a Southern-inspired delicacy that combines sweet-tart apples, nutty pecans, and the lean protein of chicken in a salad that’s perfect for a hearty lunch or a light and satisfying dinner at your desk. You can opt to cater these salads and have them delivered in individual boxes to safely enjoy at your next team meeting.

4. Detroit deep-dish pizza

Pizza is always a favorite, but this year, consumers were especially fond of the thick, cheesy layers associated with Detroit deep dish. That crispy, chewy crust is comforting and helps fill employees up so they’re ready to power through their afternoon to-do list.

5. Margarita

Rounding out the top five is the only beverage that made the cut: the margarita. Looking to host a virtual team event or happy hour? Consider ordering in margaritas for your team.

Grubhub customers’ top eats by category

When it’s time to decide your next catering order, knowing what customers prefer in each dining category might help you pick winners and satisfy the masses.

Still can’t decide? Send out Grubhub’s individual meal perks to your employees and they can order their personal favorites. This eliminates guesswork and ensures all employees, remote, hybrid or in-office, are happy with what they choose to get delivered.

Side dish: Chips & pico de gallo

Chips and salsa are good for any season and can be eaten on their own or as an accompaniment to a Mexican main course, alongside sandwiches or as part of an appetizer or finger food.

Dessert: Strawberry shortcake sundae

When craving a sweet treat, Grubhub customers are united in their love for strawberry shortcake sundaes. This modern-day twist on a nostalgic dessert combines summery strawberries with cold and creamy ice cream for a tasty result that’s ideal for capping off a midday meal or enjoying as an afternoon or early evening pick-me-up.

Alcohol: Margarita

Not only are margaritas the top-ordered alcoholic beverage among Grubhub customers in 2021, these cocktails are also among the top five dishes ordered in 2021. Interestingly,  margarita orders through Grubhub are up 240% since last year.

Feast: 200 bacon cheeseburgers

This was the largest single-item order placed by a Grubhub customer this past year. They must be on to something! Consider catering cheeseburgers at your next team meeting.

For more information about which meals are gaining popularity as well as a look at Grubhub’s state-by-state superlatives (did you know New York is Grubhub’s “hungriest state”? or that North Dakota is the “most romantic state”?), check out our full Taste of 2021.

Grubhub is loved and trusted by millions of diners all over the country — including many of your own employees. As you’re thinking about ways to retain top talent and introduce inclusive benefits in 2022, consider signing up for a Grubhub Corporate Account. Grubhub services and perks are an attractive addition to your benefits program, as you deliver an  exciting new benefit people are already familiar with and primed to enjoy.

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