Grubhub is excited to announce the new Grubhub Pay Card, which acts just like any other debit or credit card, to enable employees to order on and off the Grubhub Marketplace with their allocated line of credit, meaning they can use it at any restaurant or grocery store that takes card payment.

As the first corporate ordering solution to offer a flexible meal perk solution like pay card, we’re thrilled to provide employees with new choices when ordering meals since they aren’t restricted to ordering to the office or only from restaurants on Grubhub.

With more employees working in a hybrid fashion – especially in rural communities with fewer restaurant options – ordering flexibility has become critical. The Grubhub Pay Card will provide employees with new choices when ordering meals since they aren’t restricted to ordering only to the office or from restaurants on the Grubhub Marketplace.

How does the Grubhub Pay Card work?

The pay card builds on Grubhub’s existing Corporate Accounts offering where employers can allocate a line of credit to employees as a perk to drive morale and engagement or be used to cover meals for those that are working late or hosting business meetings. Employers have the ability to add funds, set budget limits and restrictions on purchase categories.

Unlike a gift card, employers only pay for the funds that are used. Unlike a credit card, employers have the ability to set budget limits, days of use or dates in which funds are available, and restrictions on purchase categories—all with the ability to manage the food budgets from a central account complete with billing integrations and invoicing.

Empower your employees with the most flexible corporate meal perk offering

Grubhub recognizes the importance of flexible and equitable employee benefits, particularly as many companies are shifting to a hybrid or in-person working model. With the Grubhub Pay Card, businesses can offer a flexible meal perk that can be used no matter where their team is sitting throughout the United States. We are on a mission to connect diners with great, local restaurants – and Grubhub Pay Card is another tool to do just that. Contact us today to learn more on how  you can implement this meal perk offering to your employees.