As offices reopen, many companies are turning to a hybrid model with a blend of remote and in-person work. Employee events have always been important pillars of a company’s culture to foster connection, and with a hybrid team, it’s important to think through ways to keep employees engaged regardless of where they’re working from.

Food has always been a staple at employee events, so when it comes to providing meals at events for your hybrid team, it’s vital that you have a well-documented plan so all of your team members are taken care of. Here are three considerations for meal planning at your next employee event.

Company culture

A strong company culture goes a long way in attracting new employees and ensuring current team members feel motivated and happy. One of the best ways to enhance your company culture is with food at employee events. You should ensure the employee events you’re hosting are representative of your company culture. For example, to celebrate diversity and inclusion, you may think about hosting a Lunch and Learn in September around Hispanic-heritage month with food from a local Hispanic-owned restaurant. Attendees can dial in if they’re remote, or join in-person if they are in the office. Another idea to foster team-building and collaboration is to have a trivia competition with remote versus in-office employees, complete with a delicious meal.  


Meal safety is a top concern for many companies, so as you build your food plan for these events, it is important that you put safety first. With a Grubhub Corporate Account, remote team members can safely order their food online and choose contact-free delivery or curbside pickup at checkout. For employees working from the office, we have three customizable ordering options that can be accommodated to limit the amount of people entering your office—group order, individual meals, and catering.


The final consideration for providing meals at your employee events is around equality. Specifically, it’s critical to provide benefit parity for all of your employees. Without face-to-face exchanges and interactions, it can be difficult for your remote workers to feel connected and valued. A recent study found that employees who feel as if they belong are 3.5 times more likely to be productive, motivated, and engaged. It’s important to invite all employees to your events and provide the same perks, like food!

Grubhub is here to help feed your hybrid team 

As you begin planning meals for your next hybrid team event, remember that a Grubhub Corporate Account can help you safely and easily provide meals for all employees, at home and in the office!

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