In 2021 employees are working from home, in the office, and in some cases, a mix of both. As we enter tax season, it’s sure to be busy regardless of where your team is working and will leave many employees overworked and burnt out. In this article, we look at ways to provide your remote and in-office employees overtime meals to show you appreciate their hard work this tax season.

Tax season meals improve morale

By supporting your employees with meals this tax season, you’re showing that you acknowledge and appreciate their hard work. During tax season, many employees work long hours, leaving them less time to take care of personal tasks, like cooking. By taking meal planning off their plate, you’re giving them one less thing to think about and allowing them to focus on their work.

Ideas for offering meals to remote workers

Here are two ways to consider allocating meal credits to remote employees this tax season:

  • Recurring overtime meals:
    • You can provide a recurring budget to any of your staff working after business hours during tax season. By allowing them access to their meal credits at this time, they can independently order their own meals directly from the restaurant of their choice to be delivered to their home.
  • Virtual working sessions:
    • You can host virtual working sessions where your team members join a video chat and work on their tasks. If any questions or issues come up, they can easily ask someone else on the phone call for help. Any of your team members who join this video call can have access to a budget so they can all enjoy a dinner together while they’re working diligently.

A Grubhub Corporate Account provides one consolidated invoice for all meals ordered, even to employee’s homes, simplifying the process by eliminating the need for employee credit cards and expense reports. While the upcoming busy tax season may take place virtually this year for many companies, you can still reward your remote team and make them feel valued.

Ideas for safely providing office meals

Some companies are back in the office this tax season. If that’s the case for your team, here are three ways to safely offer office meals with a Grubhub Corporate Account:

  • Individual meal perks 
    • With a Grubhub Corporate Account you can easily allocate meal perks to individual employees working overtime in the office. You can set up a budget with time and location restrictions i.e. any employee can order after business hours for delivery to the office address. This ordering type promotes social distancing and allows your team to order exactly what they’re craving.
  • Group orders
    • Another option is setting up group orders for your team. After business hours, you can send out an ordering link to everyone in the office. Orders arrive together, limiting the amount of people entering your office, and are individually bagged and labeled—making it quick and easy for your team to grab and go.
  • Individually boxed catering meals 
    • You can order individually boxed catering meals for anyone who is working overtime in the office. For example, you can take a poll to see how many employees are planning on staying past business hours and place your individually boxed catering order accordingly.

For all ordering types you can take advantage of our newest safety features—contact-free delivery and curbside pickup! When placing a delivery order, contact-free delivery is the default delivery method. Your team can input instructions—like leave with the front desk—and be notified when the food arrives. If your team is placing a pickup order, many restaurants offer curbside pickup as an option on the checkout page. Upon arrival to pick up the order, call the restaurant and let them know you’re out front

Feed your team with a Grubhub Corporate Account this tax season

Many companies are using a Grubhub Corporate Account as a safe and flexible way to provide meals this tax season. Here’s what one of our clients, Shadia Wade, Senior Office Services Representative from KPMG, has to say about her experience:

“My clients are highly demanding since they are working through a busy season, late hours and long meetings. Grubhub has allowed me to cater to everyone individually with no extra food waste, no overspending, and no stress.”

A Grubhub Corporate Account can help you show your remote and in-office employees you appreciate their hard work this tax season by providing them with overtime meals.

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