It has become apparent that in this day and age, it is important for any organization to offer a strong employee benefits package in order to attract and retain its best team members, not to mention keep them happier and more productive. However, these can be expensive and difficult to organize, which is why more and more companies are starting to offer meal allowances.

A meal allowance can be defined as a stipend provided to employees to purchase food. Meal allowances can attract and retain top talent. One Grubhub survey found that 60% of employees equate company-provided food with feeling more valued and appreciated. On top of that, meal allowances are extremely cost effective, making this employee benefit a win-win for both the employee and employer. To fully maximize your savings, lean on a corporate ordering platform like Grubhub to assist you in every facet of your meal allowance program.

Why are Meal Allowances with a Grubhub Corporate Account so Cost Effective?


Grubhub’s corporate ordering solution offers you a variety of customization options. You can choose when and how you offer this meal stipend. Would you like employees to receive this perk on a daily basis? Weekly basis? Would you prefer for employees to only be able to use this stipend for a bi-weekly team lunch? Is this a perk for in-office employees or a benefit remote team members can use as well? With meal allowances you can build a custom and flexible program that suits your business needs.

Budget Control

Along with the customization of how you want your meal allowances program set up, you have complete control over how much you spend. Allocate a specific budget per person and use a Grubhub Corporate Account to only pay for what’s actually ordered, saving you a significant amount of money in the long run. Choose a budget that makes sense for your organization, and know you always have the flexibility to increase or decrease this amount.


When offering meal allowances, it’s critical to know what is being ordered and how the money is being spent. Grubhub gives you the ability to track who uses the stipend down to a department or team level, giving you a holistic view of how the money you are providing your employees with is being spent. Notice employees are consistently not using the entire stipend? Use this data to consider updating your restrictions, like extending the ordering timeframe.

The Ways to Order with Grubhub

In addition to the customization, budget control, and reporting, Grubhub offers the most ways to order compared to any other corporate ordering platform, further helping you stretch your budget. Here are the three different ways you can provide your employees with meals using a Grubhub Corporate Account:


Having a company-wide event and you’d like there to be food? Hosting an important meeting where you’d like to treat your team to lunch? Think catering. Catering consists of ordering platters for everyone to share and is the most cost-effective way to feed a big group.

Group Orders

Get your team together to share a meal while simultaneously giving your employees the flexibility of being able to order something individually that they will love. Use group ordering. Grubhub’s group ordering allows you to send out restaurant choices and lets your team order what they want. Group ordering is a great way to save money because you only pay one delivery fee per restaurant instead of fees for each individual order, and you eliminate waste by ensuring everyone gets exactly what they’re craving.

Individual Meals

Have employees working both in the office and remotely from their homes and want to provide everyone with an equal amount of money to enjoy on food? Grubhub’s Individual Meals are a cost-effective way to distribute food to a variety of addresses regardless of where they are located.

Start Providing Your Employees with Meal Allowances Today

Implementing a meal allowance program for your employees is a benefit that they will not only love and appreciate but can save you money along the way as well. Grubhub’s corporate ordering platform is the most flexible way for you to feed your team, not to mention offers more ways to order than any other platform. Contact us and learn how Grubhub can offer your organization a cost-effective employee benefit today.