What is a Group Order? A Group Order enables a small group of employees (20 max) to place individual orders from one restaurant, allowing everyone to save time and delivery costs. All orders will arrive together and employees don’t even need to have a Grubhub or Seamless account. Please note: For larger group orders, restaurants may require more time to complete the delivery.

  1. Look for restaurants that feature the group order icon in the top right corner. You can also find the icon in your cart if you’ve begun an order from an eligible restaurant.
  2. Click on the icon, and you’ll receive a link to share with up to 20 coworkers. Only one group order can be organized at a time. To schedule multiple orders in advance, we recommend using team order (see chart at the bottom of this page for more information on the differences between group orders and team orders).

  1. Once they open the link and add items to the group order, you’ll be able to follow their progress.

  1. Once each coworker submits their order, you can check out and pay.

If you have the Split with Coworkers feature on your account, you can split the bill at checkout and pay.


Curious about the differences between a Group Order and a Team Order?