The best corporate event themes are the ones that resonate with employees and leadership alike.

Here are 15 company event themes that are true crowd-pleasers.

1. Crazy Sock Day

Inject some fun into the work day while still sticking to the corporate dress code by introducing Crazy Sock Day. Everyone wears their craziest pair of socks, and people can vote on the funniest, most colorful, or most artistically mismatched entries.

2. Celebrate a National Food Holiday

National Food Holidays are days dedicated to a specific food item, such as National Hot Fudge Sundae Day (July 25) and National Fajita Day (August 18).

These holidays are especially fun to celebrate because they’re typically well received by a wide variety of people. After all, who doesn’t like food? Order delivery to the office for whatever dish you’re celebrating — several examples from various restaurants, perhaps — and let the festivities begin!

3. Cooking Competition

Find out who the top chef is in your office. This is one of the tastier corporate party themes because it calls on employees to bring in their own best recipe for everyone to enjoy. Encourage employees to get creative as they choose a recipe — or hold a mystery box-style competition that has your team discovering their ingredients and cooking side-by-side on-site.

4. Fall Celebration

Get your employees ready for Autumn by throwing an office celebration filled with Fall-themed food and activities. Set up decorations that give your party a true Autumn feeling by putting out pumpkins, scarecrows, and leaves that have turned orange and yellow. For food, offer donuts and apple cider. As far as activities go, a pumpkin carving contest is a classic Fall tradition that is sure to be a hit amongst your attendees.

5. Carnival Party

Carnival parties can be executed on-site by focusing more on midway games than rides. Set up a variety of fun carnival games for your employees to compete in such as skee ball and a ring toss. A carnival is not complete without food. Consider renting popcorn and cotton candy machines for the occasion or have delicious treats catered. The great thing about a carnival themed party is that they are well-suited for families, so your employees can bring their significant others and children to join in on the fun as well.

6. Back to the <Decade>

Return to the 80s with big hair and neon workout wear. Slide all the way back to the 20s with flapper attire and finger food. Decade parties are fun and provide a blueprint for a successful corporate event theme while also allowing for plenty of creativity.

7. Office Field Day

The idea of an office field day is to create a series of events using objects commonly found in the corporate environment. Create an obstacle course with trash cans and rotating fans for your employees to adventure through or set up two goals and have your employees compete in a soccer game while being confined to their rolling desk chairs.

8. Corporate Awards Ceremony

Who’s the employee most likely to have a clean desk? Which person on your team is a truly exceptional listener? Who’s the resident “Joy Giver?” Generate a list of creative awards for your team members and hold a ceremony. Add food to the celebration by catering the event. Make sure everyone gets an award, and that all award titles are positive.

9. TV-Show Themed Night

Is there a show that seems to dominate conversations around the water cooler? Some of the best company party themes are the ones built around an interest your employees already share. Throw a bash celebrating the season premiere or series finale of a beloved show and order in hand held food perfect for tv watching such as tacos or pizza.

10. Silent Auction

Host a silent auction to benefit a nonprofit that reflects your corporate values, and everybody wins. The event is a chance for guests to dress up and possibly win a prize while the nonprofit benefits from awareness and donations. Prizes can be anything from company merch to gift baskets or even trips donated by other businesses.

11. Volunteer Day

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and can be an effective team bonding experience for your employees as well. Take an afternoon to clean up a patch of local roadway or to plant some trees. Or, have your team volunteer at a homeless shelter by passing out donated clothing collected at your office weeks prior.

12. Ugly Sweater Party

Ugly Sweater Parties are always a fun occasion that bring people together. People can of course just buy their hideous sweaters, but it’s also fun if you direct attendees to bring a plain sweater and have them decorate as a group using supplies bought and provided by the company.

13. Karaoke Night

Karaoke allows both talented singers and those with zero musical talent to have an equally great time. You can rent a karaoke machine or have a company come in and host — just be sure there are plenty of songs available to those who want to perform individually as well as those more comfortable in groups.

14. Local Small Business/Specialty Appreciation Day

This is a great company event theme to use while introducing new employees or clients to your area. Place a group order on Grubhub from a local restaurant that specializes in a regional specialty and put together goodie bags with items or gift cards donated by local businesses.

15. Block Party

Use your company’s outdoor space or get a permit for the surrounding streets and parking lot area and host a party. Invite neighboring businesses, hire food trucks or have buffet tables of catered food, and be sure to offer plenty of entertainment.

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