With businesses transitioning to a hybrid or in-person workplace, there are more opportunities to host in-person activities. Looking for innovative ways to bring employees together? Here are 12 company event ideas, perfect for every month of the calendar year.

May: Wellness Seminar

Take advantage of National Fitness Day, occurring the first Saturday of May every year, to launch your own in-house fitness program.

Some ideas include having a fitness instructor teach a live or on-demand class or hosting a department wide 10K steps challenge. You can even share easy, healthy lunch ideas for some inspiration.

June: Summer BBQ

Looking for a team-building summer activity to boost morale? June 18 is National Picnic Day — perfect for a company-wide parking picnic or BBQ. Set up field-day style games to get everyone involved. No BBQ is complete without food! Consider offering team members individual meal credits, so they can order their favorite BBQ foods and have it delivered to the picnic site.

July: Karaoke All-Stars

It’s time for a battle for the ages, karaoke style! Consider renting a karaoke machine for the event, or hosting it at a local karaoke spot near the office. To make it more interactive, you can have employees request songs in advance and vote on favorite songs.

August: Lunch and Learn Series

As summer comes to a close, school is back in session.  Give employees a chance to enjoy their lunch break on you with a side of education by scheduling a series of lunch and learns all month long.

Use Grubhub’s Taste of 2021 as a guideline for catering food. This list breaks down which menu items — including drinks, appetizers, and entrees — were most popular amongst in 2021. It’s a quick, stress-free way to choose items that will appeal to the majority of your team.

Pair those good eats with seminars on professional topics like:

  • Diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Financial planning
  • Public speaking
  • Leadership skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Product training
  • Networking tips
  • Icebreakers to introduce new employees
  • Email communication 101
  • Tech innovations for professional settings
  • Productivity apps
  • Time management

September: Off-Site Company Event Ideas

Take team collaboration even further this month by hosting an off-site event. Events can be held in local offices or you can fly the team to one central location.

Let logistics like budget, goals, and the unique needs of your team help guide the planning process. To ensure a variety of inclusive food options, opt to give each team member individual meal credits. Having team members select their own meals allows them to support local restaurants near them and takes into account their specific allergies and dietary restrictions.

October: Office Halloween

Host an in-office Halloween party this year. Offer employees the chance to dress up, allowing them to get as creative as they’d like. To up the ante, consider holding a costume contest and having employees vote on their favorite costumes. For employees who may not want to dress up, you can hold a separate contest for the best decorated cubicle.

November: Volunteer Activity

As people across the U.S. start to tally up all the things they’re thankful for this year, turn your team’s gratitude into an opportunity to give back. Make volunteerism your theme for November’s company event. That could mean hosting a canned food drive, collecting winter coats for those in need, or partnering with a local animal shelter.

December: Holiday Party

As the year comes to a close, consider ways to host winter celebrations that are diverse and inclusive. Instead of one large event, you may host a series of smaller events that recognize Bodhi Day, Diwali, and Hanukkah as well as Christmas and New Years — all made even more festive by catered food and a few beverages.

January: Escape Room

Consider kicking off the year with a team escape room. While themed challenges like Alien Escape and Retro Rogue Scientist are fun for friends and family, they’re also great teambuilding opportunities for corporations eager for a new way to bring colleagues together.

Teamwork is an essential part of solving an escape room. As employees collaborate, they’re learning how to communicate, problem solve as a group, and have some fun along the way.

February: Trivia Night

Bring out the team’s competitiveness with a trivia night. You can choose to host the trivia event at the office, or at an offsite location. Consider having a theme for the trivia night and include decorations that reflect the theme. To make it even more enticing for folks to participate, cater from your favorite local restaurants, so everyone has something to munch on in between questions.

March: Indoor Mini Golf

Indoor mini golf is a fun activity that accommodates all skill levels. If you have multiple departments in attendance at this event, you can have each one set up their own themed hole. Start teams off on a staggered schedule or instruct them to start in their own department and then make their way around.

April: Go Green for Earth Day

Every year on April 22, people all over the globe celebrate the power and potential of our planet as part of Earth Day. For some, it’s a chance to revisit how we interact with the Earth and increase awareness about eco-friendly solutions. For your company, it can be an opportunity to bring teams together.

Consider bringing in an environmental expert and create a “Go Green” checklist for everyone to follow in the office. Solutions can include everything from unplugging electronics overnight, using coffee mugs instead of paper cups, and decreasing the usage of paper towels. Offer employees the chance to share their ideas on how to make the office more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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