The last couple years have been a time of transition, so many employers are looking for creative ways to boost morale. A strong employee benefits package is one way companies are attempting to make their teams happier and more productive. We work with clients across the country to offer meal perks as a part of their benefits package. To learn more about the state of the workforce, motivations for offering meal perks to their employees and the impact food has on employees, we conducted a survey. Our biggest finding? Survey results show that offering food at work can elicit something we’ve coined “the meal perk effect.”  The meal perk effect is the state of increased employee engagement, elevated happiness and sustained productivity resulting from good food and thoughtful employers.

Here’s a recap of what our surveyed corporate clients had to say*:

  • 93% agree that meal perks boost their overall team morale
  • 87% agree meal perks boost morale specifically for their remote workers as well
  • 78% feel that offering their employees meal perks increases engagement in meetings
  • 73% feel that providing meal perks increases their employee’s satisfaction with their benefits package
  • 72% feel that Grubhub’s meal perks increase employee productivity
  • 83% feel that providing employees with meal perks for an event increases its attendance

Let’s take a closer look at the positive impact Grubhub meal perks have had on our client’s company cultures.

Companies are Shifting to a Hybrid Model

As we transition out of the COVID-19 era and return to our normal lives, many companies are continuing to allow their employees to work remotely in a hybrid fashion. A hybrid model includes a blend of virtual and in person work— it could have some workers fully remote, some completely in the office, and others working both at home and in the office. Our survey found that 71% of our corporate clients surveyed are working under a hybrid model.

With some employees working from home and others in an office, it is critical to provide benefit parity and ensure all employees feel valued, no matter where they are working. Grubhub enables you to easily offer your employees individual meal credits so they can independently order something to eat even if they are not present for the catering provided to in-office employees.

Meal Perks Boost Morale

Low morale costs businesses in the U.S. a staggering $350 billion each year and it can leave organizations looking for ways to improve their team’s spirit. Many of our clients turn to Grubhub to help them do just that. 70% of our surveyed corporate clients reported that boosting employee morale was a primary motivation for offering meal perks. The survey results show that respondents feel we do an effective job at this — 93% of corporate clients surveyed agree that Grubhub meal perks boost their overall team morale. Additionally, 87% agree that meal perks boost morale specifically for their remote workers as well.

Meal Perks Increase Engagement in Meetings

A challenge that often comes with the hybrid workforce model is lower engagement in meetings due to some employees joining remotely while other colleagues are together in a conference room at the office. Leaders have since sought ways to increase engagement and have turned to food as a possible solution. 78% of our clients surveyed feel that offering their employees meal perks has increased engagement during meetings.

For remote employees, consider offering individual meal credits, where all employees get the same meal budget and can order something they love, wherever they’re working. While in the team meeting, employees can share what they ordered and have it be a topic of conversation at the beginning of the meeting.

For employees who are in-person, consider catering your next team meeting. A Grubhub Corporate Account offers a search filter to find restaurants that individually box meals instead of, or in addition to, preparing platters.

Meal Perks Raise Employee Satisfaction with Benefits Package

Benefits packages are becoming an increasingly important factor for employees contemplating leaving their job for a different one. In today’s competitive labor market, companies must offer a benefits package that makes it clear the organization values its staff and presents a better option versus other potential employers in the same industry.

Offering meal perks through Grubhub provides you with a competitive advantage that allows you to retain your top talent. 73% of our corporate clients surveyed feel that providing meal perks has increased their employee’s satisfaction with their benefits package, which will help organizations retain and attract talent.

Meal Perks Lift Employee Productivity

Every company is looking to increase its efficiency. The productivity of an organization’s workforce plays a crucial role in both its profitability and competitiveness. Providing food to employees at work is a great way to feed their minds and give them long-lasting energy throughout the day, not to mention demonstrating you value their hard work. 72% of our corporate clients surveyed feel that offering meal perks increases employee productivity.

Meal Perks Improve Attendance at Company Events

Company events go a long way towards building a strong culture at your organization. From celebrating company success, to having new employees get to know their colleagues on a personal basis, there are a wide variety of reasons and benefits to hosting a company event.

Company events are an investment and in order for them to be as effective and beneficial as possible for your organization’s culture, high attendance is critical. That is where a Grubhub Corporate Account can help. 83% of our corporate clients surveyed feel that providing employees with meal perks for an event increases its attendance.

Experience the Meal Perk Effect

From increased employee happiness and morale, to higher attendance at company events, a Grubhub Corporate Account provides your company with the most ways to feed your team. Whether you are looking to cater an in-person event or feed your remote employees, our corporate ordering platform offers flexible meal benefits for any occasion. Contact us and learn how Grubhub can offer your organization a cost-effective employee benefit that they are sure to love today.

*Based on an internal survey of Grubhub Corporate clients (2022).