Here’s how you, Marcus Lemonis, Grubhub and World Central Kitchen came together to support restaurants and communities. 

Restaurants are the lifeblood of our communities, and the restrictions on indoor dining over the past year as a result of COVID-19 have been devastating. In March of 2020, we established the Grubhub Community Relief Fund (GCRF) to help, since then it has raised over $14 million for organizations that support restaurants and drivers who are facing unprecedented challenges.

While the work with the GCRF continued, we also partnered with Marcus Lemonis (The Profit) and World Central Kitchen to spread some extra cheer and provide additional support.

Lemonis sent out an appeal on Twitter to help restaurants and struggling communities, and when Grubhub was the first to reply, the Plating Change program was born. Lemonis’ Lemon-Aid Foundation jump started the program with a $500,000 donation to World Central Kitchen and Grubhub has donated an additional $100,000 through the Sound Bites concert series. The funds generated by Plating Change enable World Central Kitchen to purchase thousands of meals from hundreds of struggling restaurants on Grubhub that they then distribute to local communities in need. The contributions help the restaurants keep their staff employed and also help food-insecure families put dinner on the table. 

And when you donate the change on your Grubhub orders, your change can help fuel a movement. 

How You Can Help

You, too, can make a difference, just by donating your change on your Grubhub order. And if you’re a Grubhub+ member, your donation is matched on every order. To date, the Grubhub community has donated over $1 million. That means, across 6 cities,  hundreds of restaurants have been able to provide tens of thousands of meals to those who need them most.

Hear From the Restaurants 

From Las Flautas in Los Angeles: “This has been amazing for myself as well as my staff. Being able to help 100 individuals enjoy a warm meal has been very rewarding. Not only were we able to help by providing a warm meal, but in return, Grubhub and World Central Kitchen helped us keep our doors open and keep our staff on board. With all the shutdowns, our business has been hit very hard. We are very thankful for this opportunity, and hope to continue working for this great charity.”

From 3 Times in New York City: “Thanks us for helping us keep 34 women employed a bit longer! Our head chef is overjoyed at the additional orders we’ve received.”

From Corey’s NYC Bagel Deli in Chicago: “The Plating Change program with World Central Kitchen, Grubhub, and Marcus Lemonis has been a saving grace at this time for Corey’s Bagels here in Chicago. We are so proud to be part of this beautiful blessing that is being put together by such wonderful organizations.  Given the fact that our business is considerably down due to the pandemic, this has been a nice welcomed addition to our month.”

Looking for more ways to support your community?

A Grubhub Corporate Account is one way to help support local restaurants in your community. By providing your employees with a meal budget, you’re directing money to restaurants at a time when it’s needed most.

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