Many teams are heading back to the office. Some are fully back in the office while others are working in a hybrid model. This has led many company leaders to think through creative ways to safely reopen office meal programs.

Group order is a great way for your team to safely order whatever they’re craving from a variety of restaurants. It’s really easy to set up, an office administrator can choose a restaurant and budget and then send out a link to the team. Orders can be placed and paid for separately by employees and arrive together, individually bagged and labeled. All of the restaurants available on Grubhub’s platform are trained and certified to properly prepare your group order. These orders are an impactful way to support these restaurants in your community at a time when it’s needed most. 

Let’s look at four reasons why your office might want to use group order.

#1: Promote Social Distancing

While cities and offices have reopened, many companies still have social distancing measures in place, and group orders are one way to ensure a socially distant meal program for your team. Your employees order together, and the meals arrive individually bagged and labeled so your team can grab and go—eliminating the tendency to gather around shared food tables.

When you place a Group order with Grubhub, we send email alerts when the meals are delivered. This allows you to know exactly when your meals arrive and enables you to safely distribute them to your team, minimizing gatherings. Unlike each employee ordering a meal individually, group orders reduce delivery foot traffic, keeping the number of people entering your office to a minimum. 

#2: Save on Fees

When you place a group order, you have an opportunity to stretch your meal budget further compared to placing multiple individual orders. Since orders are placed together, you only pay one delivery fee per restaurant instead of multiple fees for each individual employee’s order. Not to mention, there is no minimum spend required. Group order makes cost effective meal delivery to your team a reality.

#3: Cut Food Waste and Overspending

Group orders take the guesswork out of knowing how much food to have on hand. You order the exact amount of food you need for each meal because employees have to choose their meal. In addition to cutting food waste, this reduces the risk of overspending by ensuring you’re only paying for meals that are wanted.

#4: Satisfy Even the Pickiest of Eaters

Remember the days where you’d order food for your team and several of them would complain? They either didn’t like the food you provided, or it didn’t meet their dietary needs. With group order, those problems become a thing of the past. By allowing everyone on your team to order their own individual meal, you ensure they get exactly what they want. 

Not only does your team get to order their favorite food, but they can also leave notes for restaurants regarding their order. This means they can request special customizations (think dressing on the side or no tomatoes), and let the restaurant know of any allergies.

Safely Feed Your Office with Group Order

With Grubhub’s group order, you can safely provide meal perks to your team by promoting social distancing while saving time and money. To learn more about how you can safely feed your office with group order, contact us to learn more.

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