Take a virtual tour

(To take the virtual tour, please log into your Grubhub Corporate account first)

How to sign into your account

  • You should have received a Welcome Email through which you created your credentials. If you never received a Welcome Email, please contact your account administrator.
  • Go to grubhub.com, click “Sign in” and enter your Grubhub credentials.

How to access the Admin Portal

The Admin Portal is where you manage all aspects of your Corporate Account from adding employees and creating meal credits to viewing invoices and order history.

To access your Admin Portal, click on the person icon in the upper right corner of the homepage, then Business Account.

If you do not see the Business account page, you are not an assigned Admin user on the account. You can request access from your company’s Admin or reach out to Corporate Admin Suppot or your Client Success Manager with questions.

The Admin Portal

The homepage of your Admin Portal includes our support contact information (844-478-2249) if you need assistance with your corporate account. The tabs along the top link to different sections of your corporate account to manage.

Employees & Groups: Where you can view, add, edit and delete employees and groups associated with your corporate account

  • Employees: From your organization who are able to order food from Grubhub
  • Groups: A collection of employees and is required when creating a new budget

Meal Credit Settings: Where you can view, set and customize your meal credits and expense code requirements

  • Meal Credits: The budgets that you will assign to your employees, in which you can customize the value, frequency, time period, etc.
  • Expense Codes: You can set expense codes as required, optional or off to help track spend at checkout

Orders: Where you can view your corporate account’s order history and manage your Scheduled Team Orders (if you have this enabled)

  • Scheduled Team Orders: This option will only be visible if you have it enabled. This is where you can create and manage your STOs
  • Order History: Where you can view view all orders placed by all users under your corporate account and each order’s detailed receipt

Billing: Where you can view, manage and download your invoices

  • Invoices: Available in a summary or detailed view
  • Invoice Recipients: Manage recipients who will be emailed all invoice-related emails

Company Details: Where you can manage the locations and departments on your account

  • Locations: Used when creating meal credits to determine where your organization’s employees may order food to and for reporting or invoicing purposes
  • Departments: Used for reporting or invoicing purposes