When you’re looking for a way to perk up your employees at the end of a long winter, consider celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at work. This fun, lighthearted holiday is the perfect way to brighten up the month of March and get the company in the mood for spring.

While St. Patrick’s Day has religious roots, modern celebrations typically focus on Irish culture and folklore. You can follow suit in a workplace setting — keep it casual by leaning into the whimsical elements of the holiday.

Decorate the Office Green

Transform your office into an Irish wonderland by decorating it in an all-green theme. Whether you have time to prepare or need a quick DIY project, try these ideas:

  • Cut out shamrocks from green construction paper and tape them on every open surface.
  • Suspend shamrocks from the ceiling with lengths of green ribbon.
  • Cover the break room tables with green tablecloths.
  • Put up green string lights to make the office glow.
  • Lay down a “green carpet” walkway from the front door into the office area.
  • Apply green St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun window decals to the windows.

To make your green decorations pop, embrace another St. Patrick’s Day tradition: the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Use multicolored paper streamers to create a rainbow on a ceiling or wall. At one end, place a pot filled with chocolate gold coins for workers to enjoy.

Raffle Off Green Prizes

Get your employees in the mood to celebrate by hosting a St. Patrick’s Day raffle featuring green prizes. Keep it fun with creative prizes such as:

  • Potted plants. Choose small green plants to brighten winners’ workspaces. To minimize maintenance, invest in high-quality faux plants.
  • Lime sparkling water. If your employees love to sip sparkling water while they work, a large case of lime-flavored beverages is sure to be a sought-after prize.
  • Green water bottle. Give away a trendy, high-end metal water bottle or insulated mug in a vibrant shade of green. Both are functional status symbols, particularly if you employ Gen Z or millennial workers.
  • Gift basket. Put together a gift basket filled with green treats, such as shamrock sugar cookies and a pack of coffee from an Irish roaster.

Build excitement for your raffle in the week leading up to St. Patrick’s Day by handing out raffle tickets as a reward. Make sure to distribute them evenly throughout the staff, and provide opportunities for people to earn more if they desire.

Hold a St. Patrick’s Day Contest

Get into the spirit of competition by hosting a St. Patrick’s Day contest at work. If your business has a traditional office space, encourage everyone to decorate their workspace for the holiday. Hand out prizes for the winners, and consider adding awards for the “most colorful” and “most festive” designs.

For a fun-loving team, take the holiday to the next level with a costume contest. Employees can try to outdo each other with the most outrageous green clothes, shamrock sweaters or leprechaun costumes. Invite them to be as creative as they can, and host a costume parade to show off the results.

Bring the Luck of the Irish

Celebrate the “luck of the Irish” by leaving little treats around the office on St. Patrick’s Day. Put a scratch-off lottery ticket on each employee’s desk, or create small gift bags filled with shamrock-shaped chocolates. You might also start the day off on the right foot by stocking the break room with donuts or muffins for workers to enjoy with their morning coffee.

If you prefer the element of surprise, hide small gifts where employees least expect them. Tuck a pair of movie tickets under a stack of sticky notes in the supply cabinet, or put a gift card to a local coffee shop under the lid of the copier. Each time someone discovers one of your hidden prizes, it will add an extra current of energy to the day.

Cap off the luck-themed day by letting the entire team leave early. Surprise your employees by wrapping everything up an hour or two before closing time — it’s a small surprise everyone will enjoy.

Host a St. Patrick’s Day Themed Lunch

There’s no better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than a company-sponsored meal. If you want to stick to traditional Irish foods, consider holiday favorites such as corned beef and cabbage, beef stew or Irish soda bread. Make sure to add in a few salads and a vegan shepherd’s pie to cater to all dietary preferences.

For a fun option, consider a feast that features green dishes. Start with hearty dishes such as salads, pesto pasta or green chile enchiladas. Add in roasted asparagus or broccoli and dips such as guacamole or hummus with fresh herbs. Complete the spread with foods that complement your green menu items.

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